Friday, April 20, 2012

The Jita Ripper

Would you like a lot of ISK, some nice expensive modules as well as some good old fashioned fame? Of course you would! You're a capsuleer and live for these things right? Well follow this, take part in the in-game live event and you could have it all!

A while ago I posted this piece of fan-fiction about a gold-digger getting played herself. If you are going to follow this series you really need to read that to set the scene. After I posted it I thought that may be she got more than she really deserved, women should be warned about this man! This led to another piece on another website. I met the guy who runs the other website at Fanfest and we got talking. He had some fantastic ideas about running with it and it all leading up to a live event in-game.

So here is the first breadcrumb. My job is to set the scene every Friday, if you are part of the final battle you might have a moral choice to make that will effect the final outcome and how much cash you'll get. This blog series will help you make your decision there.

You will find other information on websites such as..... well telling you would be too easy. Eventually, I'll stop here and let others take over as it approaches the end. They'll give you the clues you need to get to the final fight where the aforementioned fame, fortune and phat lootz can be had.

I wish you all the best of luck!

The Jita Ripper - Chapter One - Escalation

Deena shifted nervously in her seat. She checked the time, 5 minutes past. Only 5 minutes, what is 5 minutes, especially to men like him?

She took a small mirror from her bag and checked her make up. Perfect.

"Calm down. It's just a man you’re meeting. You've met them before. No need for nerves." she told herself.

"But you've never had a date with a man like this before. Play this right and your wildest dreams will come true." the voice in her head had been telling her that all evening.

She'd spent hours getting ready. This morning she went out and spent nearly an entire months’ salary on the outfit she was wearing. Very classy, very seductive. The expensive Gallente underwear cost as much as the dress and shoes. This afternoon she spent the rest of her savings at the spa getting treatments and hair styling. She had done everything she could possibly do to make herself look desirable. Now it was down to her to seal the deal. She was in the most expensive bar in the station that was open to the general public. If he didn’t come, and pay the bill, she was in big trouble.

She saw him enter. He looked her way and smiled. Her heart fluttered. He approached the booth and she stood to greet him.

"Wow! You look amazing!" he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks, you’re not looking too bad yourself" she replied smiling. They sat opposite each other and a waiter took their drinks order. After he left to get the drinks Deena leaned forward.

"I hope you don't think I was too forward asking you for this date last night. I mean life's too short to wait don't you think?"

"It can be." the man replied smiling

Deena returned the smile.

"And I didn't know if I'd see you again. After all this station is so big, and not many people stay long. Especially, people like you."

"People like me?" the man asked quizzically.

Deena looked embarrassed.

"I didn't mean that as a slight. I mean you look like a starship captain, am I right?" Deena was being careful, she knew what he was but didn't want to play her hand too soon.

"Very perceptive. What gave me away?"

She wanted to say Those implants on the back of your neck which you try to hide but I saw but she knew she shouldn't.

"You have an air of command about you. I knew that when we met last night at the bar."

The man smiled.


Two hours later Deena couldn't believe how well things were going. They were really getting on well. He hadn't told her he was a capsuleer and she thought she'd better wait for him to mention it. Currently he thought she didn't know and that was the best way, she didn't want him thinking she was coming onto him just because of that, even if it was the truth. However, this station was a trade-hub, the majority of capsuleers came and left within a short time. She had to seal the deal. If she didn't hook him tonight, she might not see him ever again.

"I've got to say I'm having a great time. I was really nervous before you arrived."


"Well the fact that I asked you out on a date. You know, a lot of you guys prefer to chase. If the woman is forward, it puts them off."

The man laughed.

"Don't be silly. Maybe that's what some guys are like, but as far as I am concerned it is impossible for a woman to be too forward. As you said earlier, life is too short."

"Really? Impossible to be too forward?"

"Yes, really. I actually prefer my women forward, those that make sure they get what they want. All that coyness and teasing is such a waste of time."

Deena smiled and discretely raised her foot under the table. She reached down and unhooked the clasp of her shoe and slowly lowered it to the floor. She slipped her foot out of her shoe and ran her foot over the inside of the man’s leg under the table. As soon as she touched him he smiled.

"A woman after my own heart." he said as her stocking-clad foot slowly worked its way higher, sliding upwards over his inner thigh.


Deena slowly woke. She could hear sounds, she kept still. She was scared, she knew something was wrong. What had happened? Her mind was foggy. She had met Marcsal in the bar, the date had been going great. She had even started to play footsie with him.

He had responded. He didn't want to go back to his quarters, probably still didn't want to reveal he was a capsuleer, so they had gone back to hers. They had spent a while in bed, then he'd made her a drink, then, nothing, she'd passed out. She knew she had not been that drunk. Drugged? More crashing sounds, she opened her eyes slightly, she was laying on her front with her head to the side. Marcsal was naked and searching her apartment. The few remaining "implants" on his back were hanging off.


Deena slowly rose, she picked up a small lamp to use as a club. She started to approach him from behind. Suddenly she tripped over her shoes that had been discarded in the middle of the floor. Marcsal looked around as she scrambled to her feet and charged at him. She looked in terror as he finally turned fully and was holding one of her ceremonial daggers from her collection in the draw he'd been searching. She couldn’t stop herself crashing into him.


Inspector Avi entered the medical bay. Chief Medical Examiner Boras was washing his hands in a metal sink.

"Evening Chief."

"Inspector Avi! Good to see you again. I assume you are here for a debrief about our victim there?" Boras nodded to the body laying on a slab, covered by a white sheet to her neck.

"Yes. What can you tell me?" both men approached the slab. The Chief Medical Examiner pulled the sheet away. Deena lay there, her body was covered in wounds and her arms and legs had been removed.

"Well it's been a hard one to puzzle out. Minmatar female, 26, details are in that file, that was the easy bit as she was a station resident and was found in her quarters. Well, not exactly in her quarters. The perp cut off her arms and legs and shoved her into the garbage chute to hide her body which became jammed. Those janitors who found her won't be sleeping well for a few weeks I'd guess! The rest was much more difficult. We think there are three distinct events. Firstly she was a willing participant in the bedroom. Blood-chemical analysis indicates she made love several times in the hours before he death. No evidence of a struggle or wounds at that time."

"Are you kidding?" Inspector Avi said in surprise. "Look at her! It's like some wild animal has been at her!"

"Inspector, we can give you an exact time of death. We can also time-stamp all her injuries back from that point. None of these injuries were sustained in the period up to 30 minutes after she'd finished her, shall we say 'coupling'."

"So she was either with the person who killed her, or someone else 30 minutes before she died?"

"No, it was an hour before she died. The first wound was 30 minutes after, well you know, death was another 30 minutes after that."

"Sorry, you're confusing me" the Inspector took out his datapad "Perhaps you can run through this for me slowly."

This place always creeped the Inspector out. The room where the dead were sliced open again to reveal their secrets.

"The victim was making love to a person unknown. There was then a 30 minute gap, I will explain this shortly. Then she took a deep stab wound, here, to the abdomen. We believe it was a bladed weapon, perhaps a serrated dagger. As she is Minmatar it is possible she had one in her quarters or the attacker brought it. We think she was standing when she was stabbed, a wound on the back of her head and a brain-scan shows its likely she fell backwards, struck her head on the floor and was rendered unconscious. It may be that the attacker thought she was dead. Twenty minutes later she sustained the other injuries in a sustained attack for approximately ten minutes which finally killed her."

Inspector Avi pondered this for a moment, making notes on his datapad.

"You said you could explain the 30 minute gap?"

"Ah yes. When we tested her blood we found two chemical traces. First is Lanzazine. This is a powerful tranquiliser used by the Amarr in their tranq-darts for capturing fleeing slaves alive. The second is Insorum, which as you will know is the cure for Vitoc, our victim here is a rescued slave. The interesting thing is that the Insorum not only counters the mutating virus aspect of Vitoc, it also blocks the receptors in the brain that lead to the addiction to Vitoc. The blocking of those receptors would also greatly reduce the effects of the Lanzazine. A dose that would have knocked her out for several hours would have only worked for a short period of time."

"Right. Anything else?"

"Two things. Firstly the wounds. The first appears to have been in defence. It's possible he was surprised by her waking up early and she may have attacked him. She's Minmatar so quite likely she went for him if he drugged her and was still there when she woke. It is a deep penetrating wound, but it did miss her vital organs. At that point she fell and knocked her head and became unconscious. He probably thought she was dead. When she came around she would have been in no state to defend herself due to the first wound. But it took him ten minutes to kill her and over 100 separate wounds."

"He took his time?"

"Very much so. The wounds she suffered are generally shallow and carefully targeted. As you can see he concentrated on several areas. I believe this man didn't intend to kill the victim at first. The original wound was probably self defence when she woke up too soon. However, it would appear once he got a taste for it, he started to enjoy himself. "

"And what was the second thing?"

"We found traces of organic glue on her. We couldn't work out why, so we sent them for analysis. The forensic lab gave me us a chem-match to two previous recent unsolved crimes on file." the Examiner took his glasses off.

"I fear your pretend capsuleer con-artist has now got a taste for blood."



  1. The mention of Insorum made me twitch, but I don't know if thats a deliberate part of the story or not :p

    1. Thats what brainstorming gets you. Started off with a genetic disorder and medications. Then "If she's Minmatar she might have been exposed to Insorum and that might have effected her brain chemistry". "Yes! What if the drug the perp is using is Amarrian and has some chemical similarities with Vitoc?". And so on. Amazing what Eve Geeks can develop over a cold beer at Fanfest!

    2. Only issue there is that to have been exposed to insorum, she would have actually had to be a slave on one of the amarr worlds the elders attacked. Getting from the rescue ships, and then minmatar space, all the way to jita would be quite an achievement for a non-capsuleer :p

    3. Why is that an issue? Don't something like 25% of the Minmatar race live in Gallente space. Why wouldn't a free'd slave be able to migrate to Caldari space and find a job there? The Elder invasion of Amarr was years ago. Plenty of time for someone to move. That's what the Interbus is for isn't it? She might have been crewing on a non-capsuleer vessel and got off at Jita to start a new life. There could be a hundred ways she got to Jita.

    4. How about like this....

  2. Hm. Can't you make at surreptuous references to those 'other websites'? Because when it comes to EVE story telling, I have a feeling that there are many which aren't that well known to curious public.

    1. Yeah, part 2 will make a reference on Friday. However, as you are on Twitter and part of the #tweetfleet, you'll probably spot it before Friday.

      Now there is a huge hint for the rest of you.