Monday, April 30, 2012

Can I Haz Your Moon?

As well as us Gallente Militia fighting the Caldari Militia and the odd pirate corp y'aaaarrring through space, down here in the low-security Black Rise Region, there are also a few very high-value moons. We faction war players and the pirates tend to leave them alone. These are owned and run by the big alliance boys, Raiden, PL, Evoke etc.

Anyway some changing of hands is going on, rumour has it, from the problems that Raiden have been having lately. Or not having if you listen to them. Or big problems if you listen to their rivals. Whatever!

Whatever the case, a corp friendly to us jumped in and stuck their own POS up in a gap in the fighting over these moons in our home system. When I heard this Iol'd a bit. Ballsy idea guys, but seriously, how long do you think that will last? You just stuck a POS in a position that every large alliance wants.
Sure enough, an Evoke fleet turned up to reinforce the POS pretty much as soon as it was up. It was coming out of reinforced during the night for most of us but I didn't need to stay up to know what would happen. Like I said, a ballsy move, but a 100-man faction war corp ain't going to stand up to one of the major alliances when it comes to moon mining.

As expected, when I woke up the POS had been destroyed. Pandemic Legion had dropped six Titans (3 Avatars and 3 Bus') as well as a load of Nyx for good measure. However, things are not that simple, and the story I was told gave me a bit of a laugh.....
So as the POS comes out of reinforced mode a PL sub-cap fleet turn up consisting of a lot of Rokh's. A couple of carriers then join them. Our guys know PL supers will soon blot out the sun so jump into tier 3 BC's and try to pop some PL BS from range. For some strange reason, PL just happen to know we have plenty of dreadnought pilots, so maybe they are trying to bait us into dropping them and are holding their supers back in case we do. Well we also know Pandemic "ZOMG SUPERS!" Legion, so we don't! The Rokhs are sniper railgun fitted so the initial engagement doesn't go too well, sniper BC vs sniper BS. So we reship to battleships ourselves and take them on again.

The engagement goes rather well after that. In fact in the end, nearly 10bn ISK was inflicted in damage before PL cyno'd in the 6 titans and 14 super carriers (presumably when they saw we'd heavily damaged their BS fleet and taken down two of their carriers and therefore weren't going to drop any dreads). Apparently we bailed at this point, understandably. The POS obviously died to PL's supers and we suffered just under 2bn ISK in loses throughout the engagement. So the ISK war went to us then to a tune of nearly 8 billion ISK. But PL destroyed the target - the POS.

So why do I think this was a great laugh? Especially when it looks to be a simple fight and I wasn't even there. Well what happens next defies belief.

PL drop their own tower at the moon, presumably to secure it to start moon mining operations. They then promptly bugger off, leaving the tower pretty much defenceless. Our guys, who have enjoy shooting PL stuff purely for "shits and giggles" in the past, decide wouldn't it be funny to reinforce their shiny new tower within minutes of them putting it up? So they go back and start shooting the tower. PL don't come back, probably cannot be bothered coming all the way back and think that they'll sort it out when it comes out of reinforced. So we kick down the towers shields for a laugh, and stop laughing when the tower starts taking armour damage.

Pro Tip for all people running POS'.....


And then the icing on the cake? We steal all the POS mods that were still anchoring.

P.S. I wasn't there, so this report is made up from several, probably very biased, people who were there.
P.P.S. I used the term "we" as it's less to write than "a combined force of Gallente Militia pilots from various corps and alliances"

P.P.P.S WTF? Those cheeky Militia boys put up their own POS again?????

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