Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's in My Hanger?

Good to see old Rixx Javix blogging again after his own 1v1 with the global economy! His latest post on Eveogander is worth a read. He simply lists what ships he has in his hanger, all 55 of them. At the end he asks "So, what's in your hanger?"

Well Rixx, it looks something like:-

(2) Harpy - Getting to love the Harpy. I thought, like many others, the AF MWD bonus was pointless. It's not. Fun ship to fly.

(2) Hawk - Love the Hawk. Great little ship and fun to have Drakes agress you and then deagress as they cannot take you. Pity DPS is low.

(3) Drakes - One insane tank fit, a double web fit for ze hugz and a fit to scare enemy Falcons off the field.

(6) Hurricanes - Mostly either arty or AC. One is a camper fit. The staple ship of low-sec!


(1) Scorpion - "Sir! The radar! It's jammed... Raspberry! There's only one man that would give me the raspberry! LONE STAR!

(1) Tempest - Because everyone needs a ship with a top wingy bit!

(1) Geddon Navy Issue - DPS for ze lulz

(1) Raven - Torpedo fit for PoCo and bunker busts

(1) Dominix - Death by drones especially as I can now use T2 sentries!

(1) Abbadon - Death by Laaaaaaazors!

(1) Chimera - Only ever used once in anger. More about moving stuff than fighting.

(1) Slepneir - BIG tank

(1) Cynabal - Loren Gallen fit aka Chuck Norris approved. Scared to undock it!

(1) Buzzard - Cloaky Eyes

(2) Vexor - Used as cheap drone DPS for PoCo bashing where time isn't an issue

(1) Thorax - For any p3n15 fleet o'doom

(1) Rupture - Trust in the rust!

(6) Thrashers - Again a nice cheap fun ship to fly. Selection of AC and Arty fits.

(2) Catalyst - For sitting in faction war plex's awaiting someone to warp in. Surprise!

(7) Assorted frigates. Mainly cyno ships.

(1) Falcon - See Scorpion

(1) Rook - Rarely leaves the hanger. People see a Rook and whine about ECM whilst running away.

(1) Vagabond - Fun to fly. Bit less common now we have the tier 3 BC's but I still like the Vaga.

(1) Cerebus - Wow, that's old! Back when I couldn't use guns!

(1) Eagle - Another old one from when it was the only HAC I could fly

(1) Badger - And yes, IT'S A BATTLE BADGER! 

(1) Iterion MK V - Why do I have this? I cannot fly it! WTF?

(1) Iterion Mk IV Quaffe Ultra Edition - Fanfest goodie. Actually can I actually fly it?

(2) Sabre - From our last null-sec roadtrip

(1) Ibis - And yes, IT'S A NOOB SHIP O'DOOM!

(1) Shuttle - For quick visits to high-sec where I have a misunderstanding with the law.

(3) Stealth Bombers - Null sec, low sec PvP, low sec structure shooting

(1) Loki - Another fun ship to fly especially with boosts.

(1) Tengu - Don't really fly this. Just own one, actually think I have 2!

(3) Assorted "CCP Gift" ships - Not into PI, Wormholes etc. When are CCP going to give us a combat ship as a freeby?

So a total of 59 ships in my home hanger. Just don't ask what I have scattered around the cluster!


  1. Nice collection! Now get out there and shoot at things.

  2. OK, I'll bite, but afore I went down to null, I sold off abunch in a fit of house cleaning gone wrong...

    W/ me in Jita:
    x1 Hound-bumber
    x1 Vigil-Ninja Salver

    In staging sys from Null:
    x1 Cheetah-Cloaky W-Spaceboat
    x1 Hookbill-RokketBoat (just plain old FUN!!)
    x1 Jaguar-FAF (for fun)
    x1 Wolf-HAF (for fun)
    x1 Hurricane-PvP std T2 fit
    x1 Tornado-PvE null Guristas Belt runner
    x1 Blackbird-Max Jammer (experiment)
    x1 Loki-PvE null Guristas anom runner
    x1 Noctis-null salver
    x1 Maelstrom-Th' MoneyMaker

    At HQ system:
    x1 Vigil-Ninja Salver
    x1 Cheetah-Cloaky W-Spaceboat
    x1 Firetail-PvP std. T2 (for fun)
    x1 Thrasher-Throwaway Salver
    x1 Typhoon-top wingy bit for true
    x1 Macharial-a GIFT… fit for ‘cursions (never used LOL)
    x1 Noctis-shmoctis
    x1 Hoarder-POS fueler
    x2 Mammoth-Hisec trashtruck
    x1 Mastodon-lo/null/hole trashtruck

    At mining system:
    x1 Rifter
    x1 Scythe
    x1 Vexor Navy Issue