Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Target Their Engines!

You never hear Kirk or Picard screaming "All DPS on the primary" do you? No, it's something more specific like "Target their engines".

So what if the largest ships in Eve Online had targetable systems? I got thinking about this after The Mittani posted a link to a blog a few months or so ago. In summary, PL warped a titan to a station to bait a 30-man BC gang. Using a few repping carriers docking and undocking PL's titan was safe enough and it was popping the BC's with impunity.

The December CSM minutes noted that super-capitals are too "slippery" and can escape too easily resulting in discussions about supercap mounted infina-points or an entirely new capital ship designed to point supers. Bloody Heavy Interdictors? Mahooshive Interdictors? Whooping Interdictors?

This weekend we found that too, when Snuff Box drop four Nyx class super-carriers on us. Good piloting skills, burst ECM and neuting along with not enough HICs on our side meant they got away after we counter dropped them with a fleet of dreadnoughts. With Interdictors in being fairly useless in low-sec (no bubbles) Supers are very difficult to tie down.

What if the systems on a super-capital could be specifically targeted? A fleet could focus fire and disable each gun? More importantly, what if you could target and disable a super-capital's engines? Clear Skies III suggested it with the super-carrier that acted as bait and it fitted in with the story well.

Now I'm not saying some noob in a T1 frigate should be able to disable a Titan. Taking a supercapital system off-line should be a massive task. But by doing this a new element could be added to the game?

Could each element have it's own shields, armour and structure. Could the super-capital pilot divert power the these in response to the enemy fleets attack? Could the take down be temporary? Repair crews on super-capitals would be huge at a guess.

I'm not going into details. But just throwing this idea out there. Would it be a good idea? Could it work? Would we all drown in super-cap pilots tears like the titan nerf discussions at Fanfest? Or should we stick to "Eve game mechanics" and not "Sci-fi on TV mechanics"?

Actually, on those lines....

What if the sarcastic, meme-quoting Eve Online players infiltrated the groups of writers of popular sci-fi programs and movies. What if local style chat was used in Star Trek. What if your aggressive FC was in charge of Red Squadron in Star Wars?

Admiral Ackbar - It's a blob!

Picard - "Worf! You Klingon F***-tard. Shoot the primary and stop trying to wh0re on kill-mails you long haired-c***"

Obi Wan - You can't win Darth. Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possible imagine.
Darth Vader - Come at me bro!

Sisko - "OK, which noob lemming-jumped through the wormhole when I distinctly said warp and hold?"

Karn - You mad bro?

Obi Wan - ..... and now the Jedi are all but extinct.
Luke - Cool story bro.

Janeway - Fire phasers!
Tuvock - Cool! We've got a chick in fleet!

Darth Vader - I have you now!
Han Solo - Yeeeeeee haaaaaaa!
Tie Fighter Pilot - Look out!
Darth Vader - Derp!

Dave Bowman - MY GOD! It's full of Drakes!

Aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359.....
Federation - gf
Borg - gf

Scotty - I canny do it captain. I don't have the capacitor.

Spock - Live long and.... save on medical clone costs.

Picard - Engage!
Traffic Control is offline.....
Picard - FFS! Geordie spam the jump button

Jack O'Neil - Is the Stargate camped?


  1. lmfao I've recently been pondering a series of posts, a sort of "What if Star Wars took place in EVE" parody, this just confirms: it must be so.

    Also, the Fed/Borg fight would go that way only as long as the Federation in question wasn't the Goonswarm one. Then it'd be spam of "fofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofo!" and ASCII-art penii.

  2. A brilliant post that is really quite funny and entertaining :D

  3. Love this post. Laughing my arse off! I'm sure you have valid points about supers. But "come at me bro!" :-))

  4. Love the post. Laughing my arse off. Valid points about supers. But love the "come at me bro!"

  5. Man , good post agree with other posts funny shit. But seriously the idea has merit. Called shots could be awesome.

  6. In the spirit of making titans more interesting, I'm curious as to what think of ideas like this: