Friday, May 4, 2012

The Jita Ripper - Part 3 - On the Move

The quarters on this Gallente station were much larger and luxurious than those on Jita 4-4. Marcus walked over to the kitchen area and poured a drink. He sipped the ice cold Gallente vodka slowly, savouring it's taste. Yes, these executive quarters were worth the money. The last kill was a good one, just before he left Jita he did it one last time. He knew the authorities were closing in on him but he needed the money for his escape. The Caldari woman he'd tricked had been loaded. He'd made more from her than all his previous victims combined. Money was no longer a problem to him. He walked over to his case and opened it. A hiss escaped from the preserved air inside. He looked at the rows of jars containing flesh suspended in a clear preservative. He picked one full one and one empty one out and walked over to the bed. He placed them on the table, a Gallente woman was tied spread eagle to the corners of the bed, a gag in her mouth silencing her screams.

"See this, I took this from a lovely Caldari brunette." he pointed to the jar. The woman turned her head trying to see what was inside but the liquid was cloudy. She looked confused. He opened the jar and with a pair of tongs lifted the item from the jar and dangled it in front of the woman’s face. Her eyes went wide with terror as she realised what he was waving in front of her face.

"What do you think I should collect from you?" he pulled the razor sharp Minmatar dagger out. He placed the cold steel blade against her cheek.

"Something from your head?" he ran the blade down over her face and down her throat. He was doing it lightly but as she jerked in her bonds the knife drew blood.

"May be something more interesting?" the blade continued downwards over her chest. She was screaming into the gag as the knife went lower and nicked her near the navel.

"Or may be something easily removed?" he traced the blade down her leg and finally let it rest between her toes.

The woman was hysterical by this point. Marcus smile as he gripped her little toe of her left foot and went to work.


Inspector Avi entered the room in Jita 4-4 station. A scent of blood and death hung in the air. A number of crime scene technicians were working in the room. One of them noticed the Inspectors arrival.

"Morning Inspector" he said chirpily.

Avi knew these guys dealt with the worst cases and always put the actual victim out of their minds when doing their job. If you thought about the victim at each of these crimes you'd soon lose it. It was a standing joke that the dreaded Jovian Disease could infect both the Jove and CSI Tech's. Even so it always caught him off-guard to deal with someone so happy doing their job amongst the most brutal and vicious crime scenes.

"Was it him?"

"We'll not be sure until we get the lab results back. But, yes, I'd say with 90% certainty that it's him."

"90% eh? That's pretty high. Why are you that sure?" asked the inspector.

"Well. She's bound like the last victim. Multiple lacerations doesn't quite sum up what happened to her" the CSI tech led the inspector over to the bed. "As you can see the cuts are again shallow and numerous. Their purpose was to inflict pain and terror, not to kill. They also show the same profile as the knife used in the previous two murders, a razor sharp serrated blade. Probably Minmatar."

"Mmmm. But she appears to be, how can I say it diplomatically.... intact? Our boy is a collector" the Inspector looked upon the body in disgust. How can any man inflict that on another human.

"Well inspector, if you look carefully...." the tech leaned over the body and carefully opened her mouth wide. A short bloody stump is all that remained of her tongue.

“Hell! He’s crazy!”

“He’s the Jita Ripper!” said another one of the techs.

“What did you call him?” Inspector Avi snapped?

“Erm…. That’s the they are calling him on the news sir. The Jita Ripper!”


Macrus dropped another toe into the jar on the bed-side table next to the jar containing the severed tongue. His latest victim had passed out again. He looked at her feet which now had every other toe missing. He reached into his bag and pulled a stim-pack out. He stuck it into her arm and she suddenly came around, screaming into the gag. She lifted her head and looked down at the bloody remains of her toes and started screaming and shaking even more.

"I don't know why you're screaming like that! I'm just warming up!" Marcus sneered as he climbed on top of her so he was sitting on her stomach. He took the blade in his hand and leaned forward, smiling.


By the time Inspector Avi returned to his office the lab results had been sent over. They confirmed the same drugs had been used as well as traces of the same organic glue. It was "Him" again.

A large holo-board glowed in the corner of his office. With a few flicks of the wrist Avi transferred the details of the latest file from his datapad to the larger holo-board. Victim number three was placed alongside the other two. Avi opened his desk draw and pulled out a glass and a bottle of Minmatar Fire Whisky. He poured himself a substantial glass and leaned back in his chair looking at the holo-board.

"I'm going to get you, you bastard. I'm going to get you."

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