Monday, May 21, 2012

Eve Online Inferno - Temperature is Already Way Up!

Well that was an interesting weekend!

It's all looking very "explode-y" in the low-sec war zones! The Caldari were really gunning for our home system of Nisuwa. This resulted in some great fighting in and around there this weekend.

Reports like this shows that the Amarr/Minmatar war zone is also just as hot.


After Inferno launches, militia members will not be able to dock in stations that are in systems controlled by the enemy. So if the Caldari state took over Nisuwa, we in the Gallente Federation militia would not be able to dock there. Also under Inferno the minimum time it takes to capture a system is going up from 6/7 hours to over 40 hours. Plus the final structure that you need to bash is also getting a HP buff so will take longer. Therefore, on the run up to Inferno, everyone is looking to take as much space as possible as it'll be much more difficult to take it after Inferno.

This is good for war! Fighting has intensified, I'm only a few kills off my 2,500th real kill (excludes pods, shuttles and noob ships) and we are having fun!

Even those who have quit faction war are joining in. IB.S left faction war very recently as they wanted to try new things apparently but came back and agressed us as neutrals to try and help their former Caldari Militia mates take our home system. That didn't work very well, so the Caldari militia then got the local Russians involved. Who are next for the Caldari militia's pitiful cries for help? 

We are taking bets they'll be asking the Goons for assistance next!

Our alliance war dec'd I.BS so we could legally shoot them in case they tried that again, and they jumped back into faction war! See guys! You should never have left ;)

Sunday afternoon saw the most intense fighting. Given that we strongly believe "The best defense is a good offense" and to be honest, that's only because most people in our alliance are really offensive, we thought we'd take the fight to them. So rather than sit back an defend Nisuwa, we attacked Rakapas in force.

Every faction war complex that spawned resulted in a fight. We soon found we were at a disadvantage. We had three jumps required to reship, the squids just docked in top station and jumped in a new ship. So as we ran low on frigates and destroyers that can access the minor plexs we left.

Five minutes later a cyno went up on their home station and we arrive back in numerous carriers with ship maintenance bays full of ships. The rest of our guys arrived in pods and we carrier-pilots handed out ships to them as they arrived. From there on it was real a PvP slog-fest. Both sides able to reship in system. The squids called in the Russians again who came heavy. We kept getting "warp ins" on their BS fleet and snagging the slow ones before they could warp out. One particularly bright Tempest pilot thought it would be fund to agress on station, solo, with us all docked. You know mate, we can always undock you know!

However the rate of destruction of destroyers was hurting us. So we brought in a jump freighter loaded with hundreds of Thrasher hulls and cheap fittings plus ammo.

In the minor plex's we went with a "Thrasher Blob O'Doom", in the mediums we went with a..... "Thrasher Blob O'Doom" again as they are so fun to fly. Majors we did with T3's and logi. Snuffbox turned up in a heavy fleet looking to kill anything they could. This worked slightly to our advantage as we could use the Thrashers to get into the plex and camp the warp in, whilst SNUFF sat on the acceleration gate unable to get us with their fat-ass ships. Soon the squids fell back with only the occasional lemming trying to enter a plex with hostile fleets sat both on the warp in and on the acceleration gates.

We then went on "Thrasher Blobs O'Doom" roams hitting any squid plexers we could find, coming back to Rakapas when we heard that the squids had dared to stick their heads out of the station.

I logged off at this point after seven hours of PvP as it was past my bed time! From the killboard, just in Rakapas, we got 103 kills, 31 losses, a shade under 5bn destroyed against losses of just over 1bn. Obviously that doesn't include the earlier fights in Nisuwa and the roaming we did when the squids docked up. Apparently our primary FC was going straight since Sunday afternoon to Monday lunchtime! Mad props to him.

Also a shout out for the Caldari. They brought the fight again and again and again. Some they won, some they lost. Over the course of the afternoon and evening, it was epic fighting!

If CCP wanted to start a fight with Inferno, it's mission successful..... and that is before the expansion has even launched!

It is war in low-sec! And it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-flipping-tastic!


  1. "We are taking bets they'll be asking the Goons for assistance next!"

    Whelp, not going to lie... if there's enough money in it we'll be there. Trailer got it right... for the right price, we'll set the universe on fire. :)

    - Saiphas Cain

  2. Actually, that was the plan. Goons we're up for it.