Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Hotdrop that was Hotdropped that was Hotdropped that was.......

Friday night fleet time! Our scouts have spotted a few carriers repping a PoS a few jumps away. We quickly form the fleet 30 minutes early. All is set and a minute before we are ready to go, a member of a local pirate corp enters their system and they get spooked and all warp away! Bugger!

So we ship down to BC's and go for a roam, heading towards a gang we'd heard hitting a POCO. They start chasing a friend of ours so we ask them to lead the gang to us. Unfortunately they give up. There are others in the next system so I'm asked to jump in and shake my ass on the gate.

"Check! Check! Wanna-be Tengu jumping into you"

"Rodger, everyone orbit the gate at 10, drones out."

"He's blue! Flipping hell Drack how drunk are you? He's blue"

"He wasn't blue on my overview and YES mine is set up right"

"I cannot believe you called Mr Smith (real name changed) jumping through as a target"

"Erm, I didn't! He jumped through too, but there was a neut Tengu too a few seconds before"

"There's another Tengu? THERE HE IS! GET HIM!"

So they kill the Tengu and then the excited chatter starts. What kill did I just miss out on? Bugger that's some nice loot!

Anyway, everyone jumps through to me and our scout reports the gang we had come for, who had gone back to bashing the POCO, all warped off. They had neut eyes in the system we are in by the look of it. Tonight is NOT going well for fleet fights and we're always 3 minutes too late.

Then we get reports of a Snuff Box gang back near home. We have to carefully avoid them to get back home. We've engaged the Snuff T3/Abso/Guardian fleet setup before in shield BC. It has NEVER gone well. We slip behind them, swap to armour BS and go sit on their home system gate. They've docked up, but we know Snuff always bring the fight so we wait.

My New Toy, First Time Out

Whilst waiting we spread our scouts around. My alt is ordered to Tannolan. I'm scanning away when a new result pops up.

"Erm guys, I got a Nyx on scan in  Tannolan!"

"Great, see if you can find it and see if it's Snuff."

I'm crap at DScaning. Seriously crap. After about 30 minutes I'm sat 100km off a POS, cloaked, looking at a Snuff Nyx. I let the FC know that Stuff indeed has a super ready to go.

"Roger! This could get interesting"

But it doesn't. After about 45 minutes sitting on a gate with faction BS we turn around. We get almost home and Snuff undock.

So we manoeuvre around and in the end we're in Hirri on the Kedama gate with them the other side. A convo starts between our scout in Kedama and the FC.

"They want to know if we're going to fight!"
"Yes! Tell them to jump"
"They asked why"
"Tell them we jumped into them last time!"


Anyway they won't and warp off to the Tama gate. So we jump in and warp to the Tama gate too. We all land at zero and it kicks off. Big time. We don't agress and wait to see what their DPS is like. Our logi are holding our Baalgorn up so FC starts to call primaries.

We know Snuff Box, Snuff Box know us. Each side knows the other will have a number of Cyno ships. We kick things off by dropping some Archons after they start taking our Guardians down.

So Snuff respond by dropping some of their caps. We escalate by dropping some dreadnoughts. They escalate by dropping their dreadnoughts and 3 or 4 Nyx supercarriers. We are massively outnumbered and trying to pop fighter-bombers to keep our caps alive. I'm quite surprised how squishy FB'rs are to large guns.

But Snuff Box have the advantage. We are outnumbered and outgunned. As our FC said in his write up...

"When the battlefield is awash with laser beams, anti-matter charges and cyno's ... No1 knows what the fuck is going on and operation security suddenly goes out of the window."

Another Cyno lights. Suddenly my overview is full of blinking orange dreadnoughts. The Caldari militia just dropped in to say "Hi". Thankfully it's not any old Caladari Militia, it's Wolfsbrigade. Our PL titan killing chums.

Our cap pilots are "WTF! Squid dreads! Tons of squid dreads!"

Our FC is "They are friendly! Don't shoot the squids! ONLY shoot the primary I call!"

It has been agreed by the CSM and CCP that supers are too "slippery". Yes, they are! Thanks to good piloting on their part, ECM bursts, neuting and only a small number of HIC's on our part the Snuff Box Nyx's manage to warp off. But the battle appears to be going our way.

X13 drop some caps onto the field, we take them out in short order. We don't want to have all these dreads hanging about so the WBR guys cyno out. Just as the Snuff Box Nyx' come back at range and deploy more fighter-bombers. So we start popping them. I wish FB'rs showed up on KM's. We must have killed billions of ISK worth!

Anyway with their DPS gone the Nyx warp off and my scout still at the POS see's TURBOman jump his Nyx back to Tannolan.

The Tama gate in Kedama is awash with dead capitals, wrecks and fighters. We sit there in our faction BS holding the now silent battlefield, whilst people haul-ass to grab haulers.

As we wait, a Fatal Ascension rapier jumps into us and cloaks. We know where this is going.

A small squid gang jumps into us and we kill a couple of them as they try to run. With us agressed FA pop the cyno and 15 dreads appear (our dreads and carriers are all off field at this point). FC calls for people to either warp off if they can or deagress and stay on gate. By the time the FA dreads have locked us, we're either warping off or jumping out.

So we have a FA dread fleet with no support sat on the gate. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only alliance that's heard there was a capital slug-fest going on in Kedama. A new cyno lights and NC. drops in couple of Titans and about 30 super carriers.

Some of our guys jump into Stealth Bombers and wh0r3 away on the FA dreads as they DIAF.

So in terms of hotdrops....

1. Drunk 'n Disorderly (our alliance) started it
2. Snuff Box escalated
3. We escalated some more with dreads.
4. Snuff Box escalated even more with dreads and some super carriers
5. We escalated again with an entire WBR dread fleet
6. X13 dropped in (assuming to help Snuff?) and get wtfpwn'd
7. FA are late to the party and fail to kill any of is after dropping what was left of our BS fleet.
8. NC. escalate for the final time by dropping an "In the face!" fleet of supers on FA.

What a night, what a flight and a few billion of loot to boot!

Here is the KB, pretty pointless other than to see what was there and what was killed as it was a four-way battle in the end! 57bn is mudered spaceships which was probably well over 60bn if you countered the fighter-bombers that died.

gf guys, gf!


  1. It was awesome although my missus was properly grumpy as each escalation kept me going "just 15 more minutes pet"!

    Was about 4 hours of scouting/flying/fighting/looting/whoring all in all and a fucking awesome night!

    1. Sort of same here.

      What time did you come to be last night?

      (Don't say 4, don't say 4) 4 (shit!)..... erm.... minutes past.... erm..... 1am

      Oh not to late then.

      No. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Small error, Snuff opened the 1st cyno while we were still in warp to Tama gate.

    1. It was all rather confusing..... well to me at least!

  3. You forgot the 14 Pantheon Archons from RnK to maintain Reps to your side after point 6 in the list.

    1. Yes I did. And I also missed out the Muppet Ninja's hotdrop of capitals too and apparently others as well. Come on, it was 4am my time and I was "Tired and emotional".

      To be honest, with all the hotdropping going on, its a wonder I got this many listed!


    o.O massively outnumbered?

    1. Thanks for that, very interesting.

      The outnumbered comment should be looked in regard to the timeline.

      At that point, yes, we were massively outnumbered as far as I was concerned. I had no idea the FC had WB-R waiting to drop.

      Maybe I should have said "....on the field at that time"?

  5. Great story you got here. It is epic and has traitors, nuets pirate or nonpirate, and hell "Titans!," being the the most epic FW story yet.