Friday, May 11, 2012

The Jita Ripper - Part 4 - Travel

The Hawk class Assault Frigate bumped as the station's tractor beams locked onto it and pulled it into the hanger. Inspector Avi looked at the golden interior of the massive docking bay. He was somewhat pleased that it was an Amarrian station. The last one had been Gallente and he'd received a rather cold reception. May be arriving in a Assault Frigate wasn't the best way, but with the Empyrean Wars still raging, Caldari Navy staff always travelled in a war ship these days.

Co-operation between the empires was at an all-time low. Even though a cross-empire agreement existed to allow law enforcement personnel to assist each other in solving connected crimes, the war still meant people were hostile.

On that Gallente station he'd learnt a few new things. Firstly the perp was going higher class. He'd rented some quarters under a false ID and taken his victim back there. Usually he got them to take him back to their own quarters. He'd also removed half of her toes. It was clear now he had no preference to what he removed from his victims, just that he wanted something as a souvenir. However, all the detailed investigations had been kept from him simply because he was Caldari. And currently the Gallente and Caldari didn't like each other much.

"Inspector Avi!" he'd only just cleared the walkway and an Amarrian delegation was already there to meet him.

"On behalf of her holiness, Empress Jamyl, I welcome you to our humble station. My name is Balashi and I am here to serve in the name of the glorious Amarr Empire."

Avi thanked the man. That was a much warmer welcome than what he received at the Gallente station. The Gallente had sent a wet-behind-the-ears recruit to meet him and bring him to the police office where they’d kept him waiting for three hours. Truth be told he was worried what reception he’d receive from the Amarr. The incident on Pike’s Landing in Amamake was still fresh in people’s minds. The mega-corp Ishukone, part of the Caldari State, had attacked Amarr forces along with the Gallente Federation and Modu’s Legion. The fact this was in response to the Amarr developing immortal soldier technology in breach of CONCORD laws was the only thing that stopped the whole thing dissolving the alliance between the Amarr and the Caldari.

He was quickly escorted to the morgue. The victim was laid out on a slab, uncovered. Before he got near he could tell it was the work of "him".

"The Lord surely tests us at this time. How such a..... demon..... can be allowed to exist amongst us god-fearing children is beyond me."

The Inspector looked carefully over the body.

"Well I'm pretty certain this is the same guy. When was the body found?"

"Two days ago. The lady didn't show up for a family meal so her relatives contacted security. However she wasn't found until service-bots went to clean a rented quarters on deck 14."

Avi moved her blond hair checking around her head. Her left ear was missing. The Amarrian turned white.

"Our medical examiner says she was still alive when he did that. This is indeed a test of faith for us all"

The Inspector wanted to scream at the man. This was done by no demon and it was not a test. It was done by one sicko who needed to be stopped before he struck again. However, he couldn't afford upsetting the Amarrians. He'd got so little information from the Gallente on victim number four that the whole visit was almost pointless. The only real details he got was that he stopped there, killed a woman and took some of her toes with her. He needed the Amarrians help here to give him the boost to catch up with the perp.

"I'd like to speak to the investigating officers now please." Avi asked.

"Of course, they have already been told to fully co-operate and to release any files, evidence or test results to you direct."


The Interbus Shuttle approached the gate. The "brace for jump" alarm sounded. There was a flash of brilliant light as the large shuttle vanished, landing several light years away in a different solar system. The shuttle aligned and warped off in the direction of the next stargate.

Marcus sat back in his spacious chair sipping fine Gallente champagne. His first class ticket meant he could drink himself silly if he wanted. However he was being careful, the case he carried would be an automatic death sentence if he was caught after leaving it somewhere and someone else opened it.

He closed his eyes and thought back to the previous station. He'd thought finding a willing Amarrian woman would be a challenge. In the end it wasn't in the slightest, they are all the same, all looking for the bigger, better deal. All seeing a free meal ticket in him. She'd not screamed or struggled as much as the previous women which disappointed him. She seemed to accept her fate all too readily. Next he'd need to find a nice Minmatar or Gallente lady. He'd enjoyed those best so far. The Caldari were slighter of build and couldn't take as much punishment.

An attractive stewardess approached and offered to top up his glass which he accepted. For a moment he considered her as a possibility until he thought she might find it suspicious for a “capsuleer” to be taking an Interbus transport, even first class. As she walked away he turned on the vid screen to see if any of his “work” had made the local network.

As usual there was nothing on the major networks. So he just lay back in his seat, closed his eyes and simply imagined what he could have done to the hostess.

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