Friday, July 27, 2012

A Meagre 25m ISK of Kills... and I Loved It!

First just want to say thanks for all the messages I got following this post about Drack looking for a new corp. Was rather surprised by the reaction and especially by the Eve mails from several of New Eden's better know corps. Many thanks of thinking of me, but I am really just looking for some plain-old stress-free fun PvP in Faction War. You don't tend to have that in those corps ranked in Battle Clinic's top 10. But seriously, thanks for the messages!

Also thanks to those giving more mysterious messages. "... interesting, somewhat crazy employment opportunity....". Return email sent and I await to hear from you!

However, please note, there is no way on earth, or any other planet you care to mention, I'll be giving any intel on -FU- or SoTF. If that is what you are after, don't bother.

So, I'm back in Black Rise. Only one epic cyno bump whilst jumping my carriers back (multiple carriers and jump clones FTW) and all unpacked back in Nisuwa. Apparently my plan to join the Federal Defence Union has failed. By the look of things you cannot hop from a Faction War player corp into a Faction War NPC corp any more. So unless I drop back to a noob corp and then join FDU and then look at joining a player corp... meh what a pain, corp hopping and downtime out of Faction War. Will just linger as I am until I've found a new corp, applied, been interrogated and accepted.

Anyway, back on topic.

So being back in Nisuwa it was time to kill some squids. I peek into Kedama and there are a few war targets about. I see an open Caldari Outpost so warp to a close celestial and get a scan. Nothing in it.... or at least nothing that I can scan. I warp to the acceleration gate and enter.

There are a few NPC rats which I kill off quickly. Still nothing on short range scan so I orbit the button and trigger the remaining rat spawns.

During this ten minutes I get a few ships on the short-range scan and burn back to the warp in, but they apparently don't want to play and do not enter the Plex.

I've finished all the rats, the Ferox being the last spawn, when I get a Kestrel on scan. I burn back to the button just in case. A Kestrel could be fit two ways. A light missile kite fit or a close-range rocket fit. If he was kite fit, he might warp in hoping to keep range and kill me from a distance. Suddenly a Rifter appears on short range. Two ships on the acceleration gate, two squids in local.

Two T1 frigates verses an Assault Frigate. I'll take that fight but I need to think here. The Rifter is likely to be AC brawler fit. As they come in I'll need to focus on the Kessy in case he's kitey. I'll leave the Rifter until I've got the Kessy down and then will switch to the Rifter.

OK, plan sorted. Void loaded. I'm ready.....

Kestrel comes in first and as I'm locking him the Rifter arrives. I go for the Kestrel and he burns.... at me! Fantastic, he's either rocket fit, or mad. Turns out he was rocket fit with an ancillary shield booster. They are both on top of me and my shields are being plinked away with salvo's of T2 rockets and autocannon rounds. Kessy is tanking with that ASB but my DPS is breaking him. He goes down.

I turn my guns on the Rifter. After a couple of rounds his shields are failing and he runs for it. This is a problem as he's AB fit and I'm MWD. He's got a scram on me so is soon making range away from me quickly. I swap to long range ammo, but small blaster long range ammo is not very long range. He's low armour but now out of range of my guns and my scram. But, it also means I'm out of range of his scram. He's 15km from me as my MWD becomes active. I overheat both my MWD and my scram, regain point, get in range, pop. Dead Rifter.

Hardly an epic fight in terms of Eve. But it was my fight. Looking at other kills this week I've had, it is seventy times less in terms of ISK than this one

But I enjoyed it much more than the carrier kill.

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  1. Aye, 1 vs more is so blood pumping that I wouldn't give it up for the world.

    Tbqh I enjoy more being in my own corp unaffiliated with FW, gives me way more targets :> And the fact that one can't engage on gates in smaller stuff is just ridiculously unimportant tbh.

    What I hate is when people do defensive plexing and I reach the warp in only to be targeted by 1235135098 faction NPCs + 2-3 FW guys basically pointing/neuting/scramming me and actually whoring on my killmail. Just frustrating.