Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Eve Nemesis

Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible c***... me. - Brick Top, Snatch.

At the weekend I was flying along merrily when I had to quickly dock up due to my Eve Nemesis. Thankfully I wasn't in a fleet or had anyone relying on me this time. It's always the same. As soon as they are on the scene, I have to run to the nearest station and dock up or even sometimes warp to a safe-spot and log off in space. After this I usually go AFK for at least a couple of hours. I think the shortest time I have docked up for my Eve Nemesis is around 45 minutes but more often than not, its well over an hour.

So what is my Eve Nemesis?

Is it a character?
No. But if it was, Quake590 would rank fairly high. I just cannot kill that bloke. He roams around Black Rise/Tama way usually in a Hawk and is a bloody tough nut to crack. Very good player, not an asshat and happy to chat in local, always gives a GF, but still, a guy I'd REALLY like to kill! Most of the time I avoid him, I've tried several times to defeat him and I always end up in my pod! But he is not my "Eve Nemesis".


Is it a ship?
No. But if it was it would probably be one of the Amarr neuters. I always struggle against specialist neuting ships. Cap warfare is king in Eve. Without cap your tank is usually buggered, your eWar useless, your offensive powers drastically weakened. I do really hate neuting ships that suck your cap dry! But they are not my "Eve Nemesis".


Is it a corp or alliance?
No. And I cannot think of a corp or alliance I'd refer to as a nemisis. Pretty much all the corps or alliances that have given me and my corpies a good kicking, we've kicked back. We've smashed a PL titan. We've have ganked a Snuffbox T3 camp. We've..... hang on. Not sure we've actually ever come out on top against Rooks and Kings? Got a feeling we did win a fight against them..... once..... a long time ago. May be it would be them if it was a corp/alliance? But in the end, they are not my "Eve Nemesis".

So what is my Eve Nemesis?
Well, my Eve nemesis is in fact nothing in-game. It is in fact, a pair of shoes. And I will point out now, no, they are not my shoes, they belong to the wife! It is these shoes here......

These shoes have never left the house. The wife saves them for when she wants to mount a full-frontal assault on my Eve Online time. I'll be happily playing away when she appears by the computer room and stands in the doorway. Those shoes will always be accompanied by black lace top stockings and some form of racy lingerie. The question is always the same and is always spoken in the same tone. I say spoken, its more 'purred' than spoken.

"Are you busy?"

So, if you see me suddenly peel away from the fleet, warp to a station and dock up, may be the shoes have got me and my wife is playing the age old trap!


  1. My wife calls eve my mistress. Your wife as obviously mastered the art in seducing you away from your eve mistress :-)

    Nice post

    1. Where can I get a wife like that.................

  2. Ahhhh... the Nemesis... I know her well.

    But as for shoes... these are either the sexiest I ahve ever seen, or the weirdest, I can't decide...
    "http://www.fileswap.com/dl/IFqOK2wj9E/FukMe_Pumps_!_1.jpg.html">Folder "FukMe Pumps ! 1.jpg"

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  4. Compared to the effect on you when my wife and yours get together, those shoes are NOTHING!! :-D

    Nice post mate.

  5. At least yours makes effort. My just texts me from bed, "Busy? wink wink nudge nudge". You've never seen a man run down a flight of stairs more quickly.