Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling Ruff - Or How the Vagabond Got the Snip

Last week I was half on Eve, half doing other stuff when @RixxJavix Tweeted something about the "frill" being missing from the Vagabond. I hadn't used my Vaga in a while as Fleet Stabbers are all the rage currently. So I made my Vaga active to see what he was going on about.


Whatever you call them - the frill, the ruff, the front winy bits, they are gone! From the hooded menace we used to have, we now have something that looks like it belongs in Game of Thrones snuggling between Daenerys Targaryen's jugs!

Oh dear. Of course everyone in the Tweetfleet has chosen to make their point in the usual way. Last year it was hats from Rixx, now we're onto ruffs.

It started with one...

.... then the rest of Tweetfleet was become assimilated to show their support...

.... and finally we have a player event proposed by Seismic Stan over at Freebooted with a Eve-O forum post here. You should visit and add your support there as apparently CCP is watching.

So if you too feel the Vagabond has been snipped in the prime of it's life, show your support on July 15th.

Thinking about this, I did feel sort of sorry for the person who has been working on this at CCP. Just imagine being in their shoes.

Before Deployment - "This is great, I've finished the V3 of the Vagabond and it looks brilliant. I'm sure the players will love this!"

After Deployment - "Sorry? Their Twitter avatars are wearing WHAT in protest over my design????"

That must be a bit crappy to have your hard work protested about. But again it's something we feel strongly about (like ship spinning, remember that) but lets hope there are no 20% job cuts this year. But if there are, remember, a ruff makes everything 327% more sexah!

Others making their voices heard on this subject:-


  1. Whenever CCP upgrades the ship designs I always start dragging and dropping them in my hanger to see the results, that's how I found out about the Vagabond. I had to Show Info just to make sure I didn't have two SFIs and not know it! lol

    No reason for this change and despite asking a hundred times, no explanation yet either. So we march on.

  2. I just don't understand how anyone in the development group could be so.. well... clueless in regards to the frills. It's probably the second most iconic ship for Minmatar after the Rifter.