Wednesday, July 18, 2012

-FU- Go on a Roadtrip!

Faction war is not giving us the fights we want currently in our TZ. The squids are over-run by plexers flying speed-tanking ships with no guns. Decent fleet fights are few and far between and the ones we get are hardly epic battles. They out-number us by over 2000 pilots, but there are no massive fleets hunting us down. We need an opponent who can bring numbers.
There has been a few suggestions on how to stop LP farmers speed-tanking in week old toons with T1 frigates. But I've had another idea. When you kill an NPC rat in a plex it drops some dog tags. These are required to be cashed in alongside LP's for certain (but not all) rewards. These can easily be bought off the market if you are speed-tanking plexs. So what if players dropped dog tags? What if everyone in the militia's automatically dropped a special dog tag when their ship was assploded? The dog tags could also be graded according to the ship type. Ganked a T1 frigate, copper capsuleer dog tags for you! Killed a battleship, there are platinum ones in that wreck.
Then make each of the LP rewards in the store require one capsuleer dog tag of a certain type. Suddenly you cannot cash in your farmed LP's unless you do some PvP, or buy them from someone who does do PvP. Either way the result is the same. More people looking for PvP in militia rather than farming LP's.
Anyway, I am sure the CSM and CCP are looking at the farming issues. But for now, faction war is too much about farming and not enough about violencing internet spaceships for us.
So only one thing for it. ROADTRIP!
At the weekend, we loaded up our carriers and headed off on a 0.0 holiday looking for fights. What a great great sight it was to see the -FU- cap fleet in all its glory. During the move op I had a cyno alt in the chain and had just lit it when someone from the station undocked. He immediately docked back-up and then a Vigilant and a Megathron Navy Issue undocked. Timing couldn't have been better as they undocked, a dozen carriers jumped in and the station was awash with jump effects. They docked up quickly and we didn't see them again for the rest of the hour I was on.
Moving is a pain. Select the right ships our FC's have asked for plus some solo boats. Fill their cargo bays with ammo, remove anything that is not ammo or script from their cargo bays, stick them in the carrier, fill the carriers with fuel, spare mods and the like. Undock, jump, dock, undock, jump, dock, undock, try to jump, swear, dock, put more fuel in fuel bay, undock, jump this time, dock. Unload ships, modules and other stuff from the carrier. Repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Anyway, we're about sorted now and ready to play with some 0.0 residents.
We got a nice welcome in our new home, "Don't unbother to unpack" was posted in local along with other 'friendly' comments. You know guys, you REALLY should compare killboards before engaging mouth. It's amazing what 0.0 dwellers think about faction war alliances and corps. They mostly think we have stabilisers (and I'm not talking warp or inertial) fitted to our ships. Some of the comments in local as we were moving showed this is still very much the case. Whilst there are terribad faction war alliances, corps and players, many are much better than your average 0.0 equivalent.
Oh, and another thing. Don't lose a Hyperion on the first night either. Makes the smack talk look, well, like smack!
It's been a while since my last 0.0 trip and since then I've learnt a few new things. One if these is that I can now fly both interdictors and heavy interdictors. Looking forward to trying a bit of bubbling in fleet situations. I have a Devoter and a couple of Sabres in our roadtrip home right now.
So far we've had a few fights, but we're not fully deployed yet. Hopefully by the weekend we'll be sorted and ready to deploy our full force. However, even when not 100% deployed, we got some intel on one of the local alliances shooting a SBU not far from us last night.......
I'm sat in a shiny new Battleship with freaking laser beams. We have eye's on the enemy fleet. They have caps support close (we spotted 3 carriers a couple of jumps away undocking from a station), but we also have caps. They have a few BS, we have more. They have Drakes, we wouldn't.

Will there be escalation? Can we escalate more than they? Who knows. Our cloaky scout is watching them.


Bubble up. 

Wipe them out..... all of them..... with layzoooooors!

The battle was short. Their kitchen-sink fleet melted under our fire and they didn't drop any caps.

Oh well, may be next time.


  1. As a nulli pilot that is expecting to join fw shortly, I find this post quite hilarious - we have, in a sense, switched ends ;) good hunting.

    PS do tell me which minmatar fw corps are good and which are bad, pretty please? :D

    1. I hear Mini-Amarr is getting fights. But given that most Minmatar has us set red for being ebil piwats, we cannot go there really. So it was 0.0 for us.

      Late Night Alliance appears to the the active lot in Minmatar. Join in-game channel "Sov wars" and ask in there.