Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How I Lost My Logi Cherry...

.... Or Confessions of a Logistics Virgin.
So, last night....
FC - Right I need another Scimitar pilot.
Fleet - *silence
Me - Erm I can but only got Logistics IV
FC - That's no problem. We're only gate camping in BC's and gate guns switch targets so it'll be a nice and easy introduction for you to flying Logi the first time Drack. In fact stick a gun on there so you can wh0r3 onto killmails too.
20 Minutes Later......
FC - OK Primary is Y in the Hurricane, secondary is X in the Hurricane, tertiary is Z in the Harbinger. Someone with range see if you can alpha that Falcon. Can we get jams on those two Guardians?
Me - Erm........ ooooo...... ahhhhh........ Oh Fu.......
*Low shield alarm goes off

Last night there wasn't much going on so one of our FC's decides to go camp a squid high-sec gate for a while. We're not getting any X's for logistics so I volunteer. I've never flown logistics before (in a combat situation, just for PoCo/PoS repping), the same as I have never played a priest class in other MMORPG's. Why? I don't want people to die if I Derp. In a DPS boat if I Derp, what's the worse that could happen? I lose my own ship and associated ISK which I can easily replace. If I Derp in a logisitics role then other people are going to lose ships and ISK and it'll be my fault and I'm not comfortable with that. OK, OK, yes if I die in a DPS boat, the fleet has less DPS and therefore might die and not hold the field etc etc, I was thinking more direct-causation than that.

Anyway, as nobody else is volunteering, I thought I might as well have a go. Plus, its only a gate camp. Ganking the odd ship and handling the gate guns firing on tanked BC's, well even I should be able to do that! Of course that is providing we don't meet another gang en route to the target gate. But what's the chance of that happening in the few jumps we're going to do?


So here I am, first time in a logistics and really struggling in the middle of a fleet fight. We've got a bunch of canes, 2 logi and a Falcon. They have a bunch of canes, 2 logi and a Falcon. Suddenly I realise what multi-tasking is. Some how our damn fleet has grown to 15, I'm repping people as required and switching and spreading my three reppers around. I'm also trying to pilot the ship and trying to stay alive. All of these things together is not easy. After a minute of fighting a Hurricane has me webbed, scrammed and neuted. I was so busy switching reps and watching the "watch list" that I failed to notice him sneaking up on me until I got the scram notice. I'm burning back to gate, I say "burning" 130m/sec when 30km off gate cannot really be described as burning, and I'm having to be careful with the capacitor management due to the neuting. Thankfully I'm getting reps and I'm still able to rep others even whilst neuted (may be NOS'd and not neuted?). I am primaried by the enemy fleet and down to 20% armour when our Falcon gets a jam on the Hurricane that is sat on top of me. The others are AC fit and at range so their DPS is minimal to me. Two cycles of MWD put me back on gate and in full shield and cap back to a healthy state. Thanks Mr Falcon!

At this point we've popped the enemy Falcon and started to break their tanks. They de-agress and jump through the gate with one of their cane's just entering structure as his agression drops and he jumps though the stargate.

After that, the rest of the night was simple. Gate guns vs BC's were no match for my newly acquired "l33t logistics skillz of awesauceness" ;) However, during that fleet fight, I was certainly a bit more stressed!

So props to all the logistics pilots out their in New Eden. That is NOT and easy job, but it can be quite the ride!

P.S. And I never even thought about firing that small gun that was fitted, I was too busy doing logi things to get on the kill mails!

P.P.S. If you haven't heard this "Titan" by Sindell aka Legs, you're missing out! http://soundcloud.com/sindel-pellion/titan


  1. Logi is one of the most awesome things you can fly in EvE imho. It can be a real thrill and afaik armour is even more difficult than shield, as the reps land at the end of the repper's cycle.

    Managing heat, rep drones (don't discard those), cap transfers, orbits, speed, bloody locks (why is there a 10 lock limit and no point in training multitasking beyond 3 eludes me, unless some people would fit auto targeters) is just awesome.

    Of course one can't do it on a regular basis, it can be really nerve wrecking.

  2. you did a great job mate, the panic in your voice when u said "i'm web / scrammed and neuted ... I'm going down" made me chuckle

    Have faith in your fellow logistics pilots :)

  3. Your report is exactly the reason I trained an alt for Logistics. Now I just need to actually get him into some fleets and try to emulate your success.

  4. "P.S. And I never even thought about firing that small gun that was fitted, I was too busy doing logi things to get on the kill mails!"

    Tunnel vision on repping is the trademark of a good logi pilot. Granted, as a scimi you also need good grid awerness, but generally speaking when I am in a logi, I never have a clue if we're sinking targets or stuff like that, half hour of fighting later I feel like it's been 2 minutes.

  5. *Decloaks* You're welcome, just next time be faster on who has the tackle on your Logi ]; ) *Cloaks back up*