Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nyx Down, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Nyx Down!

Last night was one of our primary FC's birthday fleets. It was a rather good build up. Heard of a small gang of fast faction cruisers not far from us. Baited them and BOOM -

Next we found a Snuff Box gang camping a gate. We waited for them to gank someone, then we jumped in and

Finally we got some new intel. 10 minutes later we're jumping dreadnoughts and docking up at a distant station. Then it was a waiting game.... a long wait.......

And more waiting........ then at 4:20am (I'm very "tired and emotional" by then) the Nyx pilot jumps us in a "SUPWAYZ!" fashion. The wait was worth it! One of our ships lights a cyno and the target Nyx pilot gets his own surprise....

He activates his self destruct and pops himself as he enters structure. Thankfully CCP fixed that this year and a killmail is still generated despite the self-destruct.

At first I thought it was the worst supercarrier fit ever, but I am informed that self-destruct killmails only show what dropped and not what was fitted.

Anyway, I then I quickly have to jump back, warp to station and VERY carefully slide into bed next to the wife trying not to wake her and get asked why I'm coming to bed at 5am when we're suppose to be getting up early to go to the capital for some shopping in a few hours.

A Year of Blogging

Exactly one year ago I made my first post here! I had been doing blog style write-ups and other posts on our corp forum for a while and decided to take the next step. I was chatting to a couple of friends and put the suggestion to them and they said I should go for it.

Next job was chosing a name for the blog I came up with a few ideas:- 

I'm NOT Primary!
Please Shoot the Other Guy!
Why Does the Hotdrop Always Land on MY Head?
Drunk In Charge of a Spaceship.
Oh Bugger I Forgot Insurance.
My CEO Wears a Maids Outfit
Spaceships in the Desert
Spaceships, Sand and Cider
My Cane is Crewed by Camels
My Spaceship is Fueled by Cider

And "Spaceships, Sand and Cider" was suggested to be reworded into the title of this blog! I'm happy with the title but I still have a soft spot for "My Cane is Crewed by Camels" as we have a LOT of camels out here (not fun when they wander along high-speed rural roads!).

So, in the last year my Eve blog stats look some thing like...

86,712 page hits.
Yes, I know its nothing compared to the big blogs who probably get that in a few days. It started slowly. In my first two weeks I got a few hundred hits. Slowly it started climbing until by the end of 2011 I was averaging 1500-2000 hits a month and it had levelled off. Then in January Rixx Javix added me to the Eve Blog Pack (now handed over to Eve Bloggers) and visits jumped. Then in March it went silly. First the Corp had an event like that suggested in CCP's "The Butterfly Effect" video and made the Eve headlines. Then there was Fanfest which I attended and blogged about. April saw contnued heavy traffic on the back of these events and in May had another couple of posts that were very popular and linked on popular sites. Now a year on and I get the same number of hits I got in my first two weeks in less than a day and a half.

154 155 Posts
In terms of posts, the most popular by far is PL : WTB New Titan. This was the write up from when SoTF and Wolfsbrigade dropped a PL titan in Amamake and ganked it. Next up is Can I Haz Eve Stuffz. This was part of an effort to get Razer to make an Eve Online keyboard like their SWTOR special edition they released. Third place was "I'm Sorry, There is No Excuse" which was just an old joke I slightly reworded to fit into Eve.

All three of these top posts are the top visited due to external links. The PL Titan one was featured on the Eve-O Facebook feed with the description "We like stories like these" as well as on EveNews24 and from the traffic a number of forums. The Eve keyboard one was another Eve-O Facebook link. The terrible joke was linked by someone on Redit and got a lot of hits from there.

The other popular posts in my top 5 are 300, Loren Gallen, Chuck Norris and Overkill and CSM 7 - Electoral Reform?

Sources -
Excluding Google, most of my traffic has come from Facebook (when CCP have linked my blog), Eveogander (previous home of the Eve Blog Pack) and Eve Bloggers (before and after hosting the pack). Google is another big source and my favorite keyword search ever - "Minmatar tits". Others include Reddit, EveNews24 (mostly due to PL Titan gank) and The Altruist.

Most of my visitors come from the States (34k) with UK next (15k) and then Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Fracnce, Norway and Denmark.

Most (33%%) are browsing with Firefox, Chrome is next (31%) with IE still being used by 15% of people! 75% of people visiting are using Windows, 9% Macs and 6% Android with iPhone and iPads at 4% and 1% respectively.

So there you go. Just like to say thanks for reading and here's to another year in the sandbox!

P.S. As a present just for you, a corpie just killed this as I was typing this post -


  1. I like your blog very much, it's one of the real good eve-blogs out there!

  2. Regarding the Self Destruct, I think what CCP did is only activated killmails for self destructing supers and up. A few nights back we had 0.0 alliance engaging our bait Orca with 3 dreads in our static WH, as we destroyed there support (also fail Anathema uncloaked to get on Orca killmail and we shot it down, dreads wouldn't have had a way out as they closed there entrance by jumping in). Anyway they self destructed, but no killmails were generated...

    1. Ah, quite possibly as I didn't know as he went down. Was only after and we realised we'd got the KM and someone said CCP had fixed it. TBH it should be implemented on all ship classes.

    2. Yes, too many bugs with self destructing... The frustrating thing is to watch a guy SD'ing all of fancy ships inside POS shields, while we're shooting it down. Imho self destructing inside POS shields shouldn't be allowed at all as it is in some way kind of act of aggression and aggression is not allowed inside POS shields. Ah, hoping to see some changes from CCP soon. Btw Drackarn your blog is amazing.