Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Death, Fire and Jam on Signularity

So we have new death effects on Rubicon. I took a no-skill alt and flew his rookie ship to a planet. Not to do things by half I undocked Drackarn in his Vindicator.

I got the camera set up and thought I'd better use my drones as I needed to set the video going etc and the guns would alpha the pod. So I set the Ogre II's on the pod. Wow, even when shooting at a stationary target they are like storm troopers. So as the video was already rolling I hit F1 on Drackarns screen. T2 large blasters and stationary pods don't mix....

As you can see they have added the wires from inside the pod still attached to your back.

A nice touch.

Now looking at these electronic attack frigates a bit closer than on Monday.

I have a issue with fast kitey ships with crap damage that kill you very slowly, the Caldari Militia love them. Now you can probably guess where this is going. The fits below are certainly not recommended. They are my nightmare fits I can see risk-adverse pilots loving. Keep at range and GTFO-ability if things aren't going their way.

Yeah, this is going to be an issue in fleet fights. Simple, no tank fit:-

Those jammers? Over 110km optimal. Even with the SeBo and range script you'll be out of lock range before you hit the fall off of over 150km. Get the fight started, warp this thing at 120km away, jam.

The Maulus is already a nasty ship. With the right implants you can kite and sensor damp most ships so they cannot lock at 20km and then you orbit at 22km and slowly plink away at them. I've even tried this, but you really need Snake's to make it work properly. The Keres takes this to the next level. I fitted dual points too see what the ranges were. Scram and web will be better on this against T1 destroyers and frigates who don't have sensor boosters.

A 43km long point, a 16km Scram and two sensor damps doing nearly 60% at 50km to 134km range. And the version of Drackarn on the test server only has EAF to level 4. On TQ he has got level 5 so add another 7.5% to the damps and 20% to the points! I put an alt in a Thrasher and used this fit on it. His Thrasher's targeting range was damped down to 7.6km and that alt has Long Ranged Targeting V!

Already one of the few EAF's that are commonly used, it is now a beast. It will neut you dry from 26km away and its drones provide the most raw DPS of all the EAF's.

With no capacitor, you are buggered against this thing if you are close range. Thought I'd try it on that Thrasher. Neuted him dry in three cycles (was nearly dry after 2nd) and set the drones on him. The DPS was much better than the Keres. This ship is evil, and that was at level 4 EAF skill. With Drack now at level 5 on TQ it will be 20% more evil.

Another potential kitey ship.

T2 webs that reach 30km! Any close range blaster/rocket/autocannon boat is going to be in trouble with this ship. Two 60% webs mean that even with a MWD you are not going to catch this thing. It can orbit you at 23km fast and keep you webbed down and pointed. Best thing you can do in a close-range DPS boat is moon out of a porthole.... oh wait you're stuck in that pod. Better ask one of the crew.

Now remember that these are shit-fits designed to annoy the hell out of me personally. I prefer IN YOUR FACE close range fighting. These hulls are certainly designed as the opposite of that. I may be in a little bit of trouble if people start using these too much.


  1. These look like nice fits for a risk-averse player :)
    Just too bad the hulls are paper thin and dps is lacking. But a kill in these should give enough rage and tears to keep a man happy.

  2. It looks like the kitsune is going to be exactly what the falcon was back before the nerfs long ago. We can look forward to seeing the exact cycle play out. Everyone flies kitsunes, everyone complains for a long time, forum threads develop on how ECM is a terrible thing, and then finally a nerf --- only to have the whole thing start up again in (2) years when the memory fades.

  3. Jester insinuated that when Recon ships get their rebalancing pass, ECM may get some adjustments too. It's not an official statement, but more of a hope and wish...

  4. Someone said in corp that Fozzie posted on the forums they are re-looking at the bonus' on the EAF. Thankfully!

  5. I think I'm gonna love the new Hyena and Keres, makes frig fleets even more fun.