Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well for the past two weeks I've been staying here:-

And when not laying on the beach or drinking I've been scuba diving with these:-

But I'm back now and time for another quick Special Sunday Short!

I landed back on Friday and what do I get back to find? TEST have joined faction war and that the Talons of Blood (squid corp) are trying to capture my home system of Nisuwa. Brilliant! Home delivery for war targets. Over the weekend I don't think I went more than one jump from Nisuwa and had plenty of action. The farmers were still there of course with their stabbed and cloaky ships, but there were actually squids looking for fights. I killed, I died, I had fun. Talking of fun, there was a corp mail waiting for me regarding defensive ships. I thought the links would be to the fittings. No, they were links to gif's representing each of the ships....

The Attrition Thrasher
This Thrasher is basically a cheap version of the QCats Cockbag Thrasher. T1 fit, cheap and can be thrown away in Leeroy Jenkins style suicide rushes!

The Kestrel
Well we need something to get these kitey ships down with.

The Atron
One Atron on its own.... well no good. But when you have a few....

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