Sunday, October 6, 2013


Welcome to the Sand, Cider and Spaceships Special Sunday Short, or SCASSSS for short. That is the right number of S' right? Anyway, last week CSM 8 member and prolific blogging legend Ripard Teg added this blog to his 'Must Read' blog list on Jester's Trek. That is a fairly big thing for me personally. However he does say he's not sure how long I'll stay on the list as one of his rules for inclusion is that the blog must post every other day. I post normally three times a week so once every 2.33 days (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). I'm going to try to up my game and do an extra post on a Sunday just for him! I aim to keep these short and sweet. A quick TL;DR or may be just a screenshot. Ideally will try and make something humorous! We will see how it goes...

Today apparently it is the birthday of two giants in the Eve Online community. DJ Wiggles from Eve Radio is old, and Sindel Pellion is old but not as old as Wiggles (I beat them both in oldness). Now I cannot give them an Ishukone Watch Scorpion (Its complicated... it blew up here over the weekend and FunkyBacon sums the issues up brilliantly here) but I can give them both a present of a 'special' ship.

Ladies and Gentlemen, capsuleers, children and bitter vets of all ages... I present to you.. the Crow State Protectorate Issue!

Now it might look like a normal Crow from the Jita market, but its not. This one has been specifically fitted by the Caldari Militia for use by them in faction war! What makes it so special? Well just look at the equipment that comes with it!

T1 Cloak!
Why fight when you can cloak? Dying does damage your loyalty point farming ability and gimps your LP/hour so best to avoid it! Cloak up and wait for the Gallente to get bored!

Warp Core Stabilisers!
Avoid getting pointed! If you were distracted whilst mining on the other screen and you don't have time to cloak, initiate a tactical retreat! Fleeing... it's a legitimate strategy.

Interceptors are fast, but are they fast enough for the brave capsuleers of the State Protectorate? NO! That nanofibre internal structure will help you tactically retreat even faster!

Half fit!
That cloaking device and those warpcore stabilisers do eat up the CPU. The solution? Don't bother fully fitting your ship! It might also reduce some weight leaving some modules off and that might help getting into warp faster when you are tactically advancing away from the enemy!

So there you go Wiggles and Sin, your own special ship for your birthdays. Contracts up in Jita! Remember, fly 'em like you... really don't want to fight and just want to run away and hide! Even though you joined faction war you didn't really ASK for PvP.


  1. Now I know where all those special friggin' Crows are coming from!! lolz

  2. Wow! So you've been supplying the enemy with fits I see. I'm going to have to have a talk with Kirk, because you should be swapping the nano for an inertia stab so that at least the cockbags have a chance to nail them.

  3. Put an exotic dancer in the cargo hold so you have something to look at and feel good about.

    Pimpfit those empty slots with civilian modules.


    That is a great gift for them.

  5. Haha nice present Drack! BTW weird that you should have to post every other day to be included in a "must read" list - I'd rather have a blog with 1 good post a week on my "must read" list than 4 shit posts and 1 good one in a week. :S

  6. Lol! I had a good chuckle from this post. Also agreed with Eelis, I would rather read quality posting at your level than have to read something watered down. Keep it up Drack!!

  7. Thanks guys. As I said, I aim to keep Sundays very short. Something silly like this or may be a screenshot/video.