Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Resorting to Underhand Tactics

At the weekend there was a spark of hope in the warzone. I found squids willing to fight! I know! I couldn't believe it! I had a great one and a half hour long session where they came at me, bro. Before I confess to the ebil, underhanded tactics I used early this week, here is a weekend roam that was ideal, no need for underhand tactics, just good honest pewpew and "GFs" in local...

I logged on after downtime and decided to go roaming in my rocket Kestrel. My first jump out of my home system was into Hirri where I found five squids and no friendlies. Game on! First up was a Merlin which was actually combat fit. My Kestrel made short work of him with its double web keeping just out of his optimals. Thankfully he didn't swap to long range ammo.

My Kestrel then died to a couple of kite-fit frigates. Looking at D-Scan, as I podded back to gate, I saw only potentially kitey ships in local. When I arrived back to home station I reshiped to a Incursus. Back to Hirri and I popped an Atron before a Navy Slicer thought he'd come and have a go. The thing is with an Incursus, people always assume blasters. 150mm rails with Spike ammo hits far and wide. Oooooooh a 63m ISK kill and the B-type MWD dropped! I popped back to Nisuwa to drop that off!

Back in Hirri I was then tackled by a kiting Condor with tracking disruptor. I died a very slow and protracted death as he orbited me at range and slowly plicked away with his crap DPS.

I came back with another Incursus and a Condor, Kestrel, Condor and Atron went down to me. I said 'TO'!

So nine kills to two losses. A good Eve-O session! Pity that since then it has been back to situation normal. BLOODY FARMERS!

War targets who have signed up for faction war but will not fight! They farm LP in plex and run away or cloak as soon as they see you. Then they moan at you for disturbing their PvE. YOU SIGNED UP FOR PVP BY JOINING THE MILITIA!

So I have a new tactic, one I'm not proud of. But it works. I have to say I always try and engage with Drackarn first. Mano-o-mano. If they run and I was in a similar ship, I'll give them a couple of chances more. If they won't fight.... then I log in.... "The Alt".

I have a low SP character on another account that I used to use as a spy in the Caldari militia. Now there is no point as there is no intel to gather as they don't have any. So I have swapped him to the Amarr militia and bought him a double-scram, active tanked T1 frigate. When I'm not avoiding being blown up by my 'own side' I use him to help Drackarn kill farmers that won't fight.

As he is Amarr militia he shows up as 'a purple' in local and on the overview to the Caldari militia. The only way they know he's not Caldari militia is to bring up his character sheet or if you have the militia column turned on within your overview you'll see Amarr there. As it is Caldari space they automatically assume it is friendly. After all if you attack a member of your own militia you take a massive standings hit so people tend not to do that. I have even left the ships name as default so when they D-Scan they can see it is a "friendly" landing outside their plex who doesn't even know how to rename his ship. He enters and they don't flee, they don't cloak, they don't do anything but sit still. Even when he burns towards them, they assume all is well. Double scram, web, very poor DPS. Then Drackarn jumps into system or warps in from a safe. These guys are confused. Why is a friendly attacking me? Should I say something? Should I shoot back? Some don't, some do and the active tank is used to keep the double scram in place as Drackarn arrives. Then it is usually game over.

Then I get the convo's on the alt asking WTF? I then explain that due to stabs, cloaks or thier unwillingness to fight this toon was deployed. I explain that as Amarr Militia I can attack Caldari Militia all day long and not have any standings issues within the Amarr Militia. I also suggest some PvP fits they can use to actually fight rather than farm. Many take it well, in fact most do. Many say they will continue to use stabs and cloaks and I reply I'll continue to come up with new tactics to catch and kill them.

So after a promising weekend, I'm back to farming the farmers.


P.S. I acknowledge that the last few posts on SCaS have been a bit 'ragey'. I'm going on a relaxing beach holiday in two weeks and I think I need it. More chilled posts coming soon (tm).


  1. I'll admit to not having any idea what goes on in your time as I play around 0:00 Eve time. I'll also admit that real life had kept me from doing anything but set skill queue. However, try coming out to the innia area. My guys are usually always looking for a fight. Also, due to people like quake, we have taken to a policy of shooting amarr that aren't known to be friendly to us

  2. While it is underhanded, there is no honor in cloaks and stabs, so keep doing it. Maybe one day we'll finally be rid of them.

  3. The new SOE astero frigate is the solution after Rubicon drops.

    Either try to sneak in to the plex while the farmer is in there (you will decloak for 5 seconds activating the gate, and about 25-33% of the time land far enough off the beacon to stay cloaked), or use an alt to chase the farmer out of the plex, and sneak in the astero while he's gone.