Monday, October 28, 2013

OK, We'll Call it a Draw

I was going to blog about the Bastion module today. But whilst I was on holiday someone at CCP mirrored SiSi so the High Energy Physics I was training on SiSi... didn't. Bah, another 5 days. So I'll blog about my weekend on Eve then:-

After 10 days with no Eve and very limit internet access I dived straight back into the game as soon as I got back from holiday. That was a mistake!

After a very early morning flight and then a long taxi ride back I arrived home tired but with an Eve itch that needed to be scratched. I thought I'd log on and see what was happening as a lot appeared to be kicking off whilst I was sunning myself on holiday!

Before I left TEST had announced their intention to join the Caldari militia. They were going to grind standings first and I had assumed this would take them a while. Not so, and they joined faction war only a day or two after I went on holiday.

Around the same time, the Caldari Militia alliance Talons of Blood decided they would plot to invade the QCats home system of Nisuwa and capture it. That offensive started last week apparently.

Anyway, Friday afternoon I logged on and almost immediately I was asked if I could take care of a Tristan in a novice plex in the system next-door. I went over there... and died horribly. I had a second go. And died. I then went to bed taking the hint that my body and mind was giving me. A few hours of sleep later, I tried again.

It has been squid-tastic over the weekend. The Talons of Blood offensive had ground to a halt and only a few of their members were spotted out about in my TZ. There were still plenty of squids about and there was solo and small gang fights all weekend. Many of the times we were outnumbered so resorted to Attrition Thrashers. What are they? Well they are basically cheap-ass Cockbag Thrashers. They are T1 fit with 280mm arties, se-bo, long point, small shield extender and gyro's. You can fit one of these up for about 2m ISK. The idea is to rush the enemy and pop as many of them as you can before you die. Obviously with T1 guns and gyro's you are not going to get the same level of alpha as a proper T2 Cockbag Thrasher. However, they will still pop most frigates and destroyers in two or three volleys. Whilst you might (probably will) loose the ship, the chances are you'll kill more than one enemy and very likely you'll win the ISK war. Simply overheat and volley away!

It was a nice change fighting squids that wanted to fight rather than LP farmers who rage in local if you kill them. The farmers were still about, just mixed in with actual PvP players. I was shocked when I pointed a Punisher and it didn't warp off! 99% of Caldari Militia Punishers are packing multiple warp core stabs. Anyhow, check out these awesome farmer fits:-

Yesterday we heard that Talons of Blood are stepping down their Nisuwa campaign. Apparently it is a draw! Their offensive stated middle of last week and Nisuwa has been 0% contested and at upgrade level V all weekend. We got more kills and won the ISK war. However, we are assured it was a definitely a draw.

However, apparently there was a fantastic side-effect of the Talon's offensive for the wider Caldari Militia. The Talons believe that the reason the Caldari have captured so many systems in the last week was because they tied up the QCats in Nisuwa. Now I'm not sure what the FOUR THOUSAND TEST Alliance Caldari Militia pilots make of that, I feel that they may consider that they had something to do with it. Whilst I, biased of course, think the QCats are awesome, I'm also not sure us being distracted by a home invasion led to a dozen Gallente systems falling.

Who knows!

Anyway with the Talons of Blood sticking around in faction war and TEST slowly pushing ahead, we're going to have some interesting times ahead.

Lock and load boys!


  1. Squid logic=best logic

  2. Gotta propagandize your lost campaigns to keep the masses happy I guess. Good read-Tex

  3. By the way if you want Bastion skills, just join the "moveme" channel and type "bastion" if CCP devs are in the channel.