Monday, October 21, 2013

'On The Gate' by Eelis Kiy aka Kaz in Space

A guest post today whilst I'm still laying on a beach. Poetry on Sand, Cider and Spaceships??? Who'd have thought that!

On the gate
Mods hot
Breath still
Fingers poised
F1, F2...
Heart pounds
Tension builds
Sweat beads
Eve is real
I am the alpha
The Lioness
I guard the gate
I start the mess
I catch the kill
For the rest
To rip to sheds
But without me
The target flees
So come on target
Come to me!
I'm ready
To spring
To pounce
I orbit the gate
Around and round
And hope to see
Optimal range
And sluggish prey
And of course
Un-stabbed chassis
No chat on coms
Aside the sound
Of the FC
And the spies, around
Keeping tabs
On our victim
So ignorant
So innocent
So unsuspecting
Of their doom
For I'm the catcher
In the gloom
On the gate
Waiting still
Just for you...

Excited voice
In my ear
Adrenaline swims
The prey is here!
Lighting up
Target up!
Primary ship
In my sights
I spring to action
I start the fight
At lightning speed
Mods activate
None can escape
Their fate
On my gate

I see...
A flash
Of light...

I hear...
A familiar tone

Then the truth
Hits home
My catch
Flies away
My pride
Follows after
Coms fill
With laughter

…shot the gate.

Drack's note - True story, I was there! :o)

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