Monday, March 31, 2014

How We'll Get into Jove Space?

.... as I see it anyway.

From the moment CCP announced we will be getting new space at Fanfest 2013 I have maintained that they will be opening Jove space. Here is how I think they'll do it.

CCP already probably have started moving the Dev's and GM's who inhabit Jove space out. I would think they have simply created a new "wormhole space" area with no wormholes for them to live in and run the alliance tournament in etc. It works same as Jove space being able to 'teleport' players in there when they need to but it doesn't show up on our maps. Better eh!

Now for us getting into Jove space! You know when you find a wormhole that leads into Jove space? Of course you don't, there aren't any. Wierd eh? Random wormholes appear in EVERY system in New Eden EXCEPT those in this small patch here!

Really? Why? Well I think CCP will go down the 'jammer' route for the lore explanation. The Jove are (were) closely related to the Sleepers. Sleepers can manipulate wormholes. Therefore surely the Jove can control them too? I would expect the reason we don't see wormholes in Jove space is because of jamming structures implemented by the Jove to stop the pesky humans getting in and trying to steal their stuffz (yes, Jove are technically human, you know what I mean Mr Picky!).

Anyway as long as these structures are fuelled and maintained we'll never get in. Oh yeah, the Jove are all dead! Read Templar One, check the Eve Client (all Jove ships got removed recently). The Jove are all dead as that parrot.

So when the expansion goes live (may be not this summer) wormholes will start appearing in Jove space as the jammer network goes down. The first intrepid explorers will reach Jove space via wormholes (if a GM has teleported you to Jove space in the past you are not an explorer, you are a tournament monkey). Those clever ones will bring a cyno.

Once people have got a cyno ship into Jove space then jump freighters and carriers can be brought in to start building your presence. Jove space is crawling with Sansha now so plenty of ratting available. Its also got unique exploration and archaeological sites. Old Jove sites that have been forgotten about for centuries. Whilst the technology is they contain is seen as massively outdated to the Jove (or was before they all died out) it is still advanced technology to us. Think Sleeper sites. This lays the foundation for T3 modules! Ooooo as an after thought what if you could find those old wormhole jammer structures, scan them with a data analyser thingy (I don't known what its called, I'm no carebear) and build your own? Null-sec entities could build wormhole jammers!

Problem is that it is a PITA getting in and out of this space. You either take the wormholes or you jump a capital. What we need is some stargates!

We know player built stargates are coming. Its one of the few things we do know. Since the fallout from Fanfest 2012 and the module POS idea, CCP have been very tight lipped....

Fanfest 2012 Speaker - Listen to all these great ideas we have. Wouldn't it we be great if we implemented... *insert great idea here, here and here*.
Geeks - Oooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhh! AWESOMESAUCE! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

CCP in Circa. December 2012 - Yeah that modular POS idea. Its too difficult and nobody will use it so NOPE!
CCP in Circa. December 2012 - Oh shit! Nerd-rage and threadnought! Stop telling these asshats things before we are sure they are workable!

Fanfest 2013 DUST514 Speaker - Look at this cool and amazing stuffz and ideas for the future we have got for you. Check out these amazing plans lots and lots of details!
The guy who plays DUST514 (he was there) - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
Fanfest 2013 Eve Speaker - Yeah, erm, imagine.... well.... stuff. We have a 5-year roadmap but cannot talk about it. Erm... well.... here is a picture of some Badgers building a stargate! Just use your imagination (whispers to colleague - This new 'expectation management' makes for really boring presentations right?)
Eve Geeks - Wut? Eh? Seriously?

So Stargates will be built by players? But first you'll need to scan down an appropriate point in the two systems to be connected. Place some sort of structure to start the process (gravity well generator?) and then get a metric shit-ton of materials to location to build it. Its likely to take time so you'll need a wide selection of players to undertake the risky task of building your own personal stargate. Scanners/probers, industrialists, freighter pilots, haulers, PvP pilots (to escort all the materials needed to be brought in and to protect the 'baby gate' and the industrials building it).

On the topic of industrials I think we'll get a new module for constructing massive structures in space that can only be used on 'industrials'. Unlike building a outpost that requires carriers and logistics to 'rep' the thing up, I think we'll get a new use for the industrials in game in this regard. Because lets face it, they are not 'industrials' they are haulers currently. Repping carriers and logistics will be less use in building stargates and it'll need haulers with high industrial skilled pilots to get the thing built.

How Jove space will work sov wise I have no idea. I would imagine CCP might try to laying the foundations to test new sov mechanics in this area before rolling out to null-sec. May be it will be a balance between Faction War type system capture (small ships capturing complexes in enemy space) and current Sov mechanics (lots of structure bashing). Who knows.

Anyway, that's how I see our 'new space' being given to us. Am I right? Check back here the first weekend of May as I report semi-live from Fanfest providing I'm not too pisht.*

*That is also providing CCP actually tell us something this year!


  1. Quick comment. Gms don't live in jove space. There's two unreachable regions there. One is jove one is gm space.

  2. Ya, be cool'n all, goin to Jove. But I don't see new space being opened up if it is just going to be instantly claimed and locked by the ol'boy corps. I think they know enough to introduce a destabilizing structural dynamic preventing (or inhibiting) occupation for a period of time.

  3. Before I thought of the industrial ship there was time for the mental image of "some Badgers building a stargate" to cheer my day right up.

    "Badger cull is it? Right then lads, lets get out of here."

    I'll believe the reporting from FanFest when I see it. You'll be sober for what? Three or four minutes the whole weekend? ;)

  4. It might be a decent idea to trickle out the new modules and structures over a series of expansions. For many reasons, financial and gameplay related. Although I would wager the real problem with stargates will be getting enough fuel into them to generate the stable wormhole effect, not the materials cost to buld them. Either way resource gatherers and industrialist will have much reason to rejoice!

    1. What about a 2nd structure that you build at the sun?
      When the stargate onlines the 2nd structure cloaks up and moves closer to the sun, it then creates a mini wormhole to the stargate and begins transferring power to run it direct from the sun*. Could even have a different types of suns limit the number of stargates they can support.

      (*it blows up without an explosion and doesn't leave a wreck.)

  5. We all know ccp will make it the most lucrative space in the game Nerf the shit outta null and hand it right to the goons. Sorry must have had some of disdale's kool-aid