Sunday, March 9, 2014

SCASSSS - Mmmmmmm Bacon.........

I am really out of Eve-O at the minute. I try to grab a minute here and there but over the last four weeks my Eve time has been suffering. Regular readers will have seen on this blog that I have got a fellow Eve player a job over here and I've been helping him adjust to life in the desert. You'd think having an Eve-O mate living with you would equate to more Eve time, nope it equates to more time down the pub!

This morning I was waiting for a meeting and flicking through Twitter on my phone when I saw that FunkyBacon is running for CSM 9. Completely missed that nugget! That helps me a bit!

CSM 7 was easy, Hans Jagerblitzen was the obvious choice.
CSM 8 I originally went for Marc Scarus and when he he dropped out I swapped to Ripard Teg.

Why would I go for FunkyBacon for CSM 9?

Because he's a low-sec'r?
Because he's a faction war'r?

Simply this line from his Speakers Corner:-

"I think that warp core stabilizers are in need of a long hard look at what sort of "game play" they are enabling."

That almost does it for me.

FUNKYBACON FOR CSM9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1! DEATH TO STABBED FARMERS!!!!!!!!!

So do I back the Bacon? But there are two others I am considering...

Xander Phoena - May be a bit too null-secy for me but could a Ripard Teg replacement?

Sugar Kyle - Non-FW but focusing specifically on low-sec.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... need to decide soon!


  1. One assumes CCP will use the same voting system as last year. So, vote for them all!

    ... of course you still have to rank them...

  2. I'd be happy to sit down with you at some point Drak if you'd like to know more, or have any questions.

  3. I don't think there is much wrong with WCS. Any nerf would make them utterly useless because you already need 3 or 4 to escape from a single faction scram and your lock time and range are so gimped you are barely capable of damage application. Did I mention you just 3 or 4 slots that could have been used for damage, tank or utility?

    Isn't the problem with low sec, FW, or the pvp-er?
    Low sec does not allow bubbles. WCS are not a problem in nullsec or wormholes. What about a variation of the infinipoint or warp disruptor that negates WCS or has 10 point strength. Perhaps some drawback to compensate, like halving your lock range and scan strength?

    If FW wasn't such rewarding with a low entry barrier it wouldn't attract all these vultures. Nerf FW rewards? Increase the barrier to enter?

    Why do you care about stabbed farmers at all? There are still real targets out there you could engage instead. Is it just the frustration of a tackled ship warping off? The fact the farmers want to play their own game and not yours?

    What if Dscan showed a columm with WCS fitted so you knew you were about to engage a stabbed ship?

    I admit your tone just makes me want to troll you and roll stabbed alts :)
    Pretty useless after the first part but: vote Sugar first and place Funky second.

  4. Stabbed farmers are a problem as they can lead to me being locked out of my station containing 6 years of suffz.

    I have already suggested a dictor infina point for these guys.

    1. Ah yes, being locked out of a station would affect you as FW member and your sec status makes high sec unattractive to base from.

      I thought about work-arounds for being locked out (like giving every faction a safe system) but that doesn't solve your real problem, hostile plexers.

      Best way to counter caldari farmers is perhaps by raising your own gallente farmers.

      Or replace the npc you have to kill with a ship that counters WCS. A fast frig that orbits at 20 (bad example, this would discourage brawlers), or a ship that does an ECM burst every 20 seconds. (still allows fits like 3 WCS in low, 4 Sebo in mid, cloak in high, 1 civilian drone)

      I was about to say something about plex farmers using pvp content as pve but EVE is supposed to be a sandbox so we can't really blame the plexers for using content in a different way as we would like. We can blame CCP for introducing the mechanic that allows you to be locked out though.

    2. The issue is the Caldari will always have many more farmers. Who are the biggest buyers of faction modules? Mission farmers. Which type of modules do mission farmers like? Missiles and shields. Which militia supplies those?

      Then you get into risk vs reward. A 5 day old toon in an Alpha clone with a 1m ISK ship making billions will always be popular. So technically you are right, its not the modules its the mechanics that is the problem.