Sunday, March 23, 2014

SCASSSS - The Moa of Doomed

Last night I was able to pop on and undocked a 10mn Thrasher to go for a quick roam. I found one of those brave Caldari Militia members in system and I scanned down a Moa in a medium plex. Mmmmm, with a 10mn Thrasher I might be able to overheat the AB initially and get range and kite him? It was a big gamble but I thought I'd try it and see what happened. I warped in, immediately burnt away with the overheated AB, locked him, pointed him, shot him and he...... wait for it..... he warped off. Stabbed!

So I docked up, got in a Thorax and remained in station whilst I logged on the Amarr militia alt. The alt landed on the plex gate the same time as the Moa did. I followed him in whilst undocking Drackarn. As my alt landed inside the plex next to Mr Stabbed Moa it was dual scram and web o'clock. He didn't even lock me back. Drackarn landed and vaporised the Moa with the Squid not even bothering to yellow box me or my alt.

Yeah.... he didn't need that empty mid slot.... or those rig slots..... or any afterburner bigger than 1mn..... wait.... or a ASB above small size... same for the cap battery..... what's that in the low beside the three warp core stabs? An armour plate? A 50mm? I now feel bad, like I kicked a puppy. Damn you Caldari Militia!

1 comment:

  1. Send him an Evemail with some nice words and a decent beginner-Moafit.
    You might even make a bloodhound off this poor little puppy.