Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 44bn Raven Loss - Its Gets Worse!

OK, so probably most people yesterday saw this loss. It went viral pretty quickly through Eve related social media channels and was probably copied and pasted into hundreds of chat channels in Eve through the day. I know I did a bit of spreading myself. A 44bn Raven Navy Issue that got ganked in Jita.

SERIOUSLY? 44 BILLION?!?! For hi-sec ratting? What can you make ISK-wise hi-sec ratting even in an uber-pimped Raven? 20m ISK/hr? That is 92 days of play time before you break even. Play 3 hours a day, everyday? It will take TWO YEARS AND TWO DAYS before you break even! But a Raven, T2 fit it and keep the ISK and save yourself two years of your life!

OK, its a big gank but nothing that special on the face of it other than the value. Normally I wouldn't do a post about another WoW player having a baptism of fire in Eve. Today's post was supposed to be a follow-on from one I did last week. However, that can wait until Monday now. The 44bn ISK loss is just the start and the whole story gets so much more mind-boggling as the those cheeky 'content creators' of Eve Online, The Goons, get in there and take this to the next level of 'facepalmness'.

The has the full story. Its a long read but its worth it to see all the chat logs. Here is my TL;DR summary of their article:-

  • WoW player buys a shed-load of plex and fits Navy Raven worth 44bn for hi-sec ratting. Unsurprisingly gets ganked. We know this already.
  • The kill mail goes viral and suddenly everyone is inviting him to join their corp. Reverse AWOX anyone I assume?
  • The 'interviews' him.
  • He admits he is hunting down the gankers in reallife and that he's a lawyer and that he's already replaced the Raven with the same again!
  • Later a Goon 'recruiter' convo's him, convinces him he's helping and that the gankers are waiting for him to undock. He offers to help and tells him to give his new ship to them so they can "move it safely" for him (If you don't know what's coming next, I can move your 44bn Ravens too. Convo me in game)

  • WoW player gives the Goon his brand-new replacement shiny officer-fit Raven Navy Issue which is worth tens of billions of ISK...... but wait for it..... here is the best bit.....

  • The WoW player also fills the cargo hold with nine plex and other juicy things to make it up to a cool 60bn before handing it over to the Goon to 'move' for him.

So that is well over 100 billion ISK down in a single afternoon between the gank and the scam. That is a Titan...ic loss!


  1. If you aren't making at least 100m isk/hr in high-sec you are a baddie ;)

  2. While I think its pretty facepalming, its a sad state for any new guy thats coming into the game. Those reading these storys will never ask or accept help for fear of getting their stuff stolen.

    While I understand EVE is a sandbox game, I really feel bad for new players that get taken advantage of like this.

    Dont get me wrong, I want this sort of gameplay to be feasible. But how do you insulate new players until they understand the game?

    This type of player also pays for PLEX. Removing these folks from the pool will only make PLEX that much more expensive. These players pump large amounts of RL money into a game in which most of the vets no longer contribute any RL money. How long can this sort of thing go on?

  3. Darwinism at it's finest :)

  4. Everytime an EvE player quits and joins WoW, the average IQ of both communities increases.

    Its easy to guess what happens when a WoW player joins EvE . . .

  5. The people who blow up ships like this are the reason we can't have nice things!

    I'm a lover of hisec blingitty, but even I wouldn't fly anything costing a tenth of that. And to give away another? I'm dumb, but not that dumb.

  6. Math nitpicking (want to bet I made mistakes as well in my calculations?)

    440m raven earns 20m isk hour = 22 hour payback.
    44b pimpfit eans 25m isk hour = 1760 hours payback.
    But in those 1760 hours ratting the normal raven would have earned 34 billion in profit while the pimpfit would be at 0 profit.
    It takes 8712 hours (8 years@ 3hours a day) before the pimpfit overtakes the normal raven. (20x - 440 = 25x - 44000)

    If the normal raven earns 25m an hour and the pimpfit 50m an hour then it only takes 1742 hours (1year 7months@ 3 hours a day) for the pimpfit to be better.

  7. who cares if it's 25m/hr or 50m/hr?! still sounds like a job to me. Play eve for fun not for profit!