Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Logs Show Something - Have Your Ship Back

Ah the good old 'The logs show nothing'. The standard response many of us have got from GM's when we have petitioned a ship loss over the years. I've done this a few times. The old 'Black Screen of Death' when you used to undock was my least favourite method of death! You'd hit undock, get the confirmation, the screen would go black as usual and then.. nothing. It was just black. 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds. All you could see was your mouse moving across the screen when you wiggled it. Restarting was the only option but if you were a -10 pirate the chances were that you may have been killed as your ship simply drifted off the station and was set upon by randoms. The logs never showed anything. I lost several ships that way, even once hearing it happen over comms as I stare at a blank screen. Never got a single ship back from that annoying bug!

That was similar to the old stargate 'jump and you see nothing' when the grid failed to load the other side. Again the logs ever showed anything.

I have had ships reimbursed twice that I can remember. Once when we were 'speed tanking' the NPC police in Amarr and having a Gallente Militia Party on the station undocks. Was always funny to have Amarr Militia undock in their 'capital' system only to find a Gallente Militia Fleet sat there. Anyway after firing on a war targets drones I got CONCORDED as his pod left system and the drone I was firing at stopped being a war target as it was then 'abandoned'. I got that Moa back and I think it is still in the Amarr system! Potentially stuck there for all of eternity!

There was another I got back but cannot remember what the circumstances were.

However, most ship losses I have petitioned due to what I saw as game bugs were not sucessful. The logs, I was always informed, showed nothing. I found it rather annoying that out of my 1000+ losses I've petitioned a tiny handful and they were never any of my big loses.

Over the last few days I've been noticing more and more people saying they got their ships back lately. A small ancillary armour repairer not activating was one recent reason for a full reimbursement.

That in itself wouldn't have made me look twice, but the forum thread then came alive with people saying they too have had ships reimbursed very recently.

Is this simply coincidence? Or have CCP released revised guidelines for the GM's not to be so strict with reimbursements. I'm keen to hear if anyone else has had recent experience of ship reimbursement or if its just a few of my alliance mates getting lucky at the same time?

On Tuesday I finished this draft, the next day I saw on Twitter someone else saying that they had their ship reimbursed after a loss. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting!


  1. I have had one ship reimbursed in over five years, a Zealot I lost once down in Syndicate over three years ago. I simply stopped petitioning ship losses about two years ago. I've just come to accept that a certain percentage of ship losses come from circumstances beyond my control. Just the other day I lost a ship simply because none of the mods would activate, all I could do was slowly boat off in a direction and wait to explode.

    If CCP has relaxed the "logs show nothing" rule, then maybe it's time to re-think my stance.

  2. Well the answer is simple, CCP chatgris.

  3. Lost a raven in an epic arc mission because the system hiccupped and d/c'd me. Petitioned and got it back. They even used the phrase "the logs show something happened." Sounds like it has to do with the auto crash reprorting in the client. I think they added that last year?

  4. i lost a ship during ddos attack and becouse of lost connection - and i got back both