Monday, August 29, 2011

Caught! Oh Bugger. Two Close Calls in One Night!

So it's rather late on a Sunday night and I've had a couple as no work in the morning. There are a few friendlies on and roaming about our home system. Whilst there is a fleet up, there is no real FC or organisation at that time and people are just doing their own thing. I look at the ships I have in the station and try to decide between the two possible drunk-friendly ships.

Falcon - Stay cloaked at range, uncloak and jam from 100km so plenty of time to try and find the warp out button even when my reactions are "slightly" slowed.


Drake - Because no one every primaries the Drake.

I chose the Drake and warp to an on-grid pounce at the top belt. Nobody around. So I warp to an on-grid pounce at the high-sec gate. Nobody there, all empty, oh wait! Except for that Loki 6000m from me. OH SH......!

I assume he was at the same pounce or I had been probed down there some day before and he'd bookmarked it. I'd only been sat there 20 seconds before he appeared. Unfortunately I was in a "utility" Drake, not a brick Drake. Not going to go into details on the fit but that Drake was geared up for gang assistance, not 1v1. I'm in trouble.

It's quiet on comms, but there are plenty of people there. However, I'm reluctant to ask for help as usually in Amamake a Loki or a Mrym mean one thing, they have a gang with them and they are the bait.

So I'm hitting the Loki, he's hitting me. My heavy missiles are taking his shields down a lot slower than his 425mm are taking mine down. But still no fleet. Is he REALLY solo? Looks that way.

"Hey guys. I'm tackled by a Loki at an off-gate pounce. I don't think he's got a fleet with him, if you want to risk it you can. He's going to kill me in less than a minute at this rate."

I should have thought shouldn't I? Offer a Loki kill and EVERYONE wants in.

So backup arrives swiftly. My Drake becomes useful again and thanks to some ECM drones provided by the back up, it survives!

So that was "phew that was close" moment number 1.

A little while later a Mrym is spotted sat in top belt. We know it's a trap because, 1 - it's a Mrym, and 2, it's Amarr militia lite (Caldari). Anyway, we've got a few of us so we go for a smash and grab. We warp in a gang of BC, T3 and Command Ships, wtfpwn him and get out.

Now if any of you are thinking that it was unfair to gank him like that, what do you think would have happened if the T3 or Command Ship had gone in solo? I know exactly what would have happened, as his 12 mates jumped in as he was going down.

We saw his back up and it was a bit light, mostly small ships. So, stupidly, we thought we'd ship up to T3's and take the big gang on. We change ships into armor T3's, an armour logi and I jump into my Falcon whilst getting another vodka. I had a feeling this is not going to go well for us.

We engage in top belt, suddenly there is another spike. Local was around 20 when we engaged the Mrym originally. It went up to over 30 when they sprang the fail trap, now it's over 50. I've got my nose pressed up against the screen trying to see what to jam when suddenly I'm being targeted. Not good in a Falcon with no tank. So I hit a celestial and go for warp. It's Millenium Falcon time as the warp drive fails to do anything. I go back to pressing my nose against the monitor. Tackled! 1, 2, 3.... oh 4 ships have me! I quickly unlock my previous targets and spam lock on the top 6 on my overview sorted by range. Shields nearly gone. As I lock the small ships I hit the jams. I'm not even looking at the ship types. That's a blue one! That's a red one! As I get the last one jammed I'm into armor and just manage to warp off.

However I then realize I'm in a Falcon with no shields, 2/3rds armour and warping to a station, which has big guns, whilst GCC. I cloak up to give myself some time, select a planet, land and hit warp. The guns get one volley on me as I warp off. As soon as I get to the planet I bounce back to the top belt, but we only have one guy left and the overview is a mass of red. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!