Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Event - Frigfry Fridays in Amamake

Our brothers-in-yarrrrr's, Heritic Army/BANE have been organizing a monthly event in Amamake called "Frigfry Fridays". The idea is simple enough. On the first Friday of the month, bring frigates to Amamake and fight. There is a dedicated killboard and prizes to be won. Solo players, gangs, frigate blobs and even complete tossers who bring larger ships to try and get some easy kills are all welcome (well, maybe not he tossers bringing the larger ships, but we'll just gang up on them and kill them.... horribly!)

The next Frigfry Friday is this Friday, 2nd September. Join channel "Frigate Fridays" to find out what's going on.

Full details can be found on the Eve-O forum post here....


And a mention by ISC.....


Current prizes for this Forthcoming Fridays Fantastic Frigfry Friday (try saying that drunk, nearly as hard as "no, I don't want to sleep with you" or "No kebab for me, I want a low-fat Chicken salad") are.....

September Prizes:
Top Solokiller: 200 Mil ISK Faction Fit Federation Navy Comet
Top Killer (Individual): Choice of T2/Faction Fit Assault Frigate
Top Killer (Corp): 100 Mil ISK Monetary Prize
Plus 100 Mil ISK of Combat Boosters provided by Uppers and Downers (join IG channel "Upchat" for all your combat booster needs)

Hope to kill see you there in a frigate!

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