Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mass Murder in Eve

I was enjoying the latest post on the excellent Eveogander blog by Rixx Javix this morning. His latest post is about him being labled a "Criminal". As a fellow pirate (sorry I mean scoundrel/hunter/rapscallion/adventurer) I know what he's talking about. However, this little line caught my eye....

"The poor pilot is still alive somewhere else in the universe, so he wasn't actually killed. In fact, Rixx has never actually killed anyone. Not a single living soul."

It is a little known fact but we capsuleers do have crews on our ships. I know this only as I am a sad uber Eve geek and have read most of the back-story and chronicles. So as a rapscallion (that's my favorite Rixx used as an alternative to pirate), Rixx, like myself and countless others have killed A LOT of people.

In fact there are as many as 9000 crew on a capsuleer battleship and 145,000 on a Titan. Even on a small frigate we have 5 to 8 crew. The Eve Chronicles on the main Eve Online website make references to the crews of capsuleer ships in several stories. Especially this one here where a capsuleer talks about the 6000 people that died as part of his battleship crew.

So how does that make us feel? That BS you just popped had up to 9000 "innocent" people on it. Not thought about it like that have you?

This is also highlighted in the Eve novel "The Burning Life". A capsuleer goes to a pirate outpost for a mission and pretty much blows everything up. But those structures contain people, and not just the pirates who fly shooty ships, it contains women, children, families, workers and many other people. However your average capsuleer doesn't think about this. It's a viable target and thats that!

And the final proof of ship crews existance - CCP have actually listed the crew numbers by hull type in the Eve-O wiki here

So suddenly we're not just "killing" a lone capsuleer, which is not an issue as they'll awake in a clone in their medical station, we are killing a lot of people.

So how many people have I killed? I took the mid-point of the crew capacity from the Wiki and came up with the following numbers:-

Average Crew per Hull Class -

Frigate - 7
Destroyer - 65
Cruiser - 450
BC - 600
BS - 6500
Cap - 18000
Super Carrier - 35000

Drackarn's Kills from Battleclinic (plus my 3 super kills from this year that are not on there???) -

AF - 75
BC - 625
BS - 466
Pod* - 232
Carrier - 13
Recons - 49
Command - 23
Cov-Ops - 10
Cruiser - 372
Destroyer - 64
Dread - 2
EAF - 6
Freighter - 1
Frigate - 167
HAC - 52
Hvy Inter - 22
Industrial** - 12
Ocra** - 1
Inty  - 47
Interdictor - 4
Logi - 32
Barge** - 3
SB - 36
T3 - 17
Super - 3
Transport** - 1

*I've not counted pods as they have a crew of 1 who is cloned upon death.
**Industrials and the like I've used a similar sized ship hull.

So if I add that up by multiplying the hull type with the estimated crews, how many people have I killed in my Eve Online career? This is just from capsuleer kills in FW or pirating, not from my previous life as a missioning carebear.

It's a big number....

It's a VERY big number.....


Wow! Four million! I really feel bad now :( No wonder CONCORD wants to spank me!

Kind of wish I hadn't wrote this now!

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  1. You can console yourself a little in that between 5 and 60% of those crew members likely escaped (the chart you referenced lists crew survival rates).

    Also, I think you want to take the midpoint of the crew numbers from the capsuleer piloted ships column -- which is quite a bit less than the maximum (2 for frigate, 13 for destroyer and so on). The wording of the column headings is a little misleading as to its true meaning.

    Anyway, glad to find your blog! It hadn't been in my list but now is.