Saturday, August 20, 2011

DING! -10.0 G'aaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!

Well it's been a couple of months getting there but I'm finally at a security status of -10.0. I never knew the time it would take to get from -9 to -10.

It's a long grind. Getting onto pod kills is the key to reducing your security status. Killing a pod really hurts your sec status compared to killing a ship or just agressing someone. The recent sec status changes I've been getting are around these levels:-

Aggression: -0.7%
Ship Kill: -2.8%
Pod Kill: -18.1%

And that last bit from -9.9 to -10 took the longest. But finally I'm there. After a few kills in Amamake we moved to camp a gate. We catch a few and then a character called Zaptan Trild jumps through in a Probe. We pop him and then pod him. Feel a bit mean for killing a 1 day old character!

"This penalty was incurred for podding Zaptan Trild in Amamake" - and that took me to -10.0

A few of our kills from our Saturday Amamake hunt... 

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