Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is a blob?

On Monday night we were accused of "blobbing" by the Amarr militia...

"nah its just funny you need to blob and jam as well"

Really? From the Amarr militia? The militia I won't personally engage solo or small gang as I have yet to find one of them without a fleet to back them up.... ever! I'm not saying the other militias/corps/alliances don't blob, but the Amarrian's are the masters of it. We've been thinking about getting Steve McQueen in to deal with them!

I personally never really have go in local at any fleet who blobs me, well maybe a bit of tongue in cheek "GG" rather than a "GF" for a Good Gank. Why? Because we all blob! That day I myself blobbed and I was blobbed myself. It's always a bit blobby in Amamake! You could say Eve is blobby full stop.

So how do you define what is a blob? Generally, it appears to be who won! If you are on your own, 4 people could be a blob. If you are in a fleet of 10, does 20 count as a blob against you?

We camped a gate and several people jumped into us including a Nighthawk, which was rather nice of him. I would say he got blobbed, 12 on 1 is petty much getting blobbed by my reckoning.

Earlier that day I got tackled in the top belt by a lone BC and suddenly his mates jumped into system and warped on top of me. 6 BC on 1 BC could also be seen as blobbing.

That night we found a Mrym in top belt. Obvious bait is obvious..... especially when it's an Amarr Miliia Mrym. Rather than all piling on top of it, we went smart (after getting blobbed in a very similar style earlier). We used fast, kitey frigates for tackle and sniper BC for DPS. The Mrym pilots grand plan was in tatters. He couldn't tackle and hold any of the frigates and there was no point in his mates springing the trap as they'd not catch the sniper boats which were out at range. As he was going down, his mates decided to jump in anyway after realising we were not going to jump BC's right on top of him. However they were too late. We took down the Mrym and warped off as his backup arrived. He then started moaning in local about us blobbing him. I wonder if one of us warped to him at zero in a BC whether he'd have taken it as a 1v1, or would have called his mates in when he got the tackle in? So when a blob-trap fails and the blobber becomes the blobbee you can moan that you got blobbed?????

Come on guys HTFU!

Blobbing is part of the game. It's part of real life! Do army commanders reduce the number of troops in an assualt as they don't want to be accused of blobbing? Of course not. Is there such a thing as overkill in warfare?

If you want 1v1 ask in local. You might find someone willing, but by no means does eHonour mean he won't blob you.

But whatever you do, don't sit in the top belt in a tanky BC and then moan you got blobbed just because your own blob, which was waiting in the next system to blob whatever engaged you, didn't arrive in time to save your ass.

I'm getting sick of the word "blob" after writing this!

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