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Eve Blog Banter - Quick Matches

Seismic Stan over at Freebooted is trying to get the blog banter up and running again with this topic.

Kirith Kodachi recently discussed the idea of what a World of Tanks style quick-match element would bring to EVE Online. Would the opportunity for a quick combat interest you? How could it be implemented? Could it be done without having a negative impact on existing gameplay elements? Or does such a concept have no place in EVE?

My first reaction is NOOOOOOOOO! If you want PvP come to Anamake! 

OK, well if it did have to be implemented how would it work?

A Spaceship Simulation Within a Spaceship Simulation
Seismic Stan suggested a few things that could be implemented in Incarna establishments. Whilst I agree 110% about poledancers, I'm personally not sure about "combat simulation booths". I understand the concept of trying to get people into PvP, but a game about spaceships within a game about spaceships? 

Rixx over at Evegander suggested a Thunderdome arrangement. A 200km style POS shield where two combatants have a 1v1.  The idea is good, but I was thinking along the lines of something just slightly different.

Deadspace Arena's
My personal idea is a sort of combination of the above two and has already been suggested by Arydanika here. Basically you would go to the bar in station, put an advert up for a 1v1, when you have an opponent an acceleration gate is spawned and you both warp to it and jump in. 

Now I'm a bit stuck as what to write. When I first saw the theme I had formulated an idea of how it could work, but Arydanika has beaten me to it. Therefore, as they've got the base of the idea pretty sorted, I'll look at the things that could go with it and some of the problems CCP would have to overcome.

The Bolt-Ons
So how about the things that go along side this gladiator idea.

Enhancing Establishments - I might be a PvP'r in Eve but I really want Incarna to work. Currently I have it turned off as currently it's no more than a 3D station menu to me. But I want Eve to be a fully imersive sci-fi game. I want to be able to walk in stations, go to the bar, interact with people, see poledancers and generally feel I'm in the movie Serenity. This idea will encourage people to go down the bar rather than just person spinning in the CQ!

Spectating - Screens in the bars could show matches in progress. It could be possible to click on the screen and have control over the camera. You have option of switching "look at" from the beacon in the center of the arena or one of the combatants. Otherwise the controls would work same as in-space. It would be like the alliance tournament where you control the camera!

Gambling - You could bet on the outcome. Could this start a new Eve "career" of bookmaker. Obviously this is open to abuse and match fixing.... and that sort of meta-gaming and shenanigans is what Eve is all about! The combatants could also put up ISK. Bit like a wager match. In fact this could be a requirement. When you put up your "advert" for a 1v1 it requires a wager amount. Minimum amount 1m ISK? 5% is taken by the station as a fee (ISK sink to keep in-game inflation under control). So when you search for a 1v1 you can see   the adverts showing hull class and wager amount. "A 1v1 cruiser for a 5m wager? I'll take that!" So minus the 5% the winner would take 9.5m ISK in the purse and of course the loot from the losers wreck.

Sponsored Tournaments - Alliances could sponsor tournaments. Offering prizes to the winners. A series of 1v1's with the winner taking the purse.

The Potential Issues
There are problems with this idea of course. Firstly does it fit into the Eve Universe? I suppose it does. Basically it would be like any other spectator sport, like that popular Caldari sport of Mind Clash (or whatever its called). But there are also problems in the mechanics of getting a good fair fight. Generally in Eve it's difficult to get a fair fight, and a lot of work would be needed to make the arena's a level playing field.

Fleet Boosts - You would need to ensure that you couldn't be in a fleet inside the arena. Otherwise you could just park a mate/alt with max leadership skills in a boosting command ship/T3 and get a massive advantage. Could the deadspace arena function as a separate system in relation to fleet mechanics?

Boosters - Should boosters be allowed? For an active tanked ship they make a big difference. What if someone is popping strong pills as they undock? (Join in-game channel "upchat" if you need some boosters - they you go Spud and Wivers, free advertising, now I want my blue pills!!!)

Implants - A full hi-grade implant set would make a huge difference in a 1v1. How could this be policed? Is there anyway in-game to stop someone going through the acceleration gate with "banned" implants. I doubt it but if it was added then implants could be shown on pod kills which would be popular.

Modules - Most people who have blogged on this subject have suggested T1 modules only. However are the mechanics in game able to police this? One solution would be to have specific gladiator ships. A new ship in each class specifically built for gladiator games. I'll stop now, this would require some serious work and I don't see enough demand for this for CCP to invest that much work.

E-War - Electronic warfare could be a real issue. A kitey ship with a couple of targetting range damps and sniper fit. I once came second in a corp tournament with a fit like that. But my, it was boring to watch. ECM would be worse. One of the participants perma jammed and dying a slow death. Again, not fun to watch.

When I first saw the topic I was very much against this idea. As a low-sec pirate I like my PvP to mean something. But after reading the other posts on the subject and writing about it myself, yes, I do see there is a place for it in Eve Online. However, a lot of development work would need to go into this and I doubt we'll be seeing it any time soon. With things such as T3 frigates (that are actively called for by the player base) not scheduled until 2014, we'd have a long wait.

In the mean time come along to Amamake for all your PvP needs. If you want a 1v1 ask in local. Dishonoring a 1v1 is a bootable offence in Shadows of the Federation. Just like a Lannister always pays his debts, an SoTF'r always honors a 1v1!

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  1. It's interesting that you had a bit of a rethink after initially being opposed to the concept. I'm glad you took the time to give the idea some thought, it would be great to have something like you suggested. Gladiator ships are an interesting idea.

    The E-War issue is a blight on all 'fun' PvP anyway, isn't it. That's just an EVE nuance.

    I appreciate that you've approached the idea from an existing mechanic point of view, but CCP are apparently capable of adding and improving to the game mechanics, they don't have to already exist.

    In the meantime, I might just pop over to Amamake for some 1v1s. My corp used to have an office there for just such a purpose, but we shut it down through lack of use. Maybe I should have a rethink too.