Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Night DIAF Fleet - 8/8

Anyone who has read this blog previously will know, one, that I hate FC'ing and two, its summer so most of the Shadows of the Federation are out sitting in beer gardens, laying on beaches and not generally playing Eve Online as much. Therefore I have to FC. Well technically I don't have to, but we're short on FC's and organised and planned fleets are in short supply. Roll on September when people return to Eve!

So it's my 2nd Monday Night "Die in a Fire" fleet and we form up in our home system.

We have seven in fleet and the drink is flowing (for the FC anyway, not feeling too well as I type this the morning after), so we undock to see what the composition looks like. All BC's and looking good! A Crow undocks a few seconds after us. I don't know if he didn't have an insta-undock or was just trying to be cocky as we didn't have any fast tackle. For whatever reason he tried to burn off. He didn't get very far....


So we drop GCC and head off. Our scout is bouncing around Sahtogas which has a few people in it. Whilst waiting on the Sahtogas gate a Manticore jumps in. We'll never catch a Manticore with BC's will we? Yes, yes we will.


Well we'll never pod him without fast tackle will we? And podded.

I saw a Cyno up so went to investigate. As I'm in warp the cyno drops. Bugger! It is also at that point I start REALLY hoping the cyno is at station and not at a deathstar POS. May be I should have thought about that before warping in! I land and I see a Heron and Merlin on station (phew). I'm a bit far out (didn't think it was a great idea to warp to 0 on a cyno) so burn towards them. Merlin warps off, Heron sat there.... 40km, 30km 20km, FIRE! Instapop!


Just as that happens a Maelstrom battleship lands on the guys left in the previous system. He jumps in and we all warp to gate. A Drake follows quickly the Maelstrom. We point the Maelstrom and he aggress'. Drake decloaks and one of the guys gets a point (but he'll burn back to gate surely whilst we are concentrating on that battleship?). Maelstrom is active tanked and he kills one of our Hurricanes piloted by Jared. But he dies before anyone else goes down.


Now onto that Drake.... he's not burning back to gate! He's not trying to make range so he can warp off either. He appears to be flying parallel to the gate and not doing anything? Interesting tactic, confuse the pirates? It didn't work....


Took down the Drake's Pod too. Ahhhhh noob missioner!

Oh well, 5:1 on kills so far plus a couple of pods. ISK wise it's even better with that 158m Maelstrom.

We jump into Mormelot as local spikes. So we burn back to gate just in case. A few seconds later a BS blob with command ship and two logistics land on us. I calmly give the order to "RUN!!!!!!!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAYYYYYY!". We scatter (mix of jumping back through the gate and warping off. They sit on the gate for a minute and as soon as they confirm we're not lemmings they move on. I assume with that fleet composition they were off to bash a POS or for a fight with another BS blob rather than gate camping.

We get out to Black Rise and it's quiet, and getting late. So we swing 180 and start heading home.

A Horder jumps into us on Schoorasana. Same corp as that missioning Drake we killed earlier.


And that was pretty much it, most systems were deserted on the return leg and we had a pretty clear run to Kamela.

Another sucessful roam. About two and a half hours, only one loss (a Hurricane) and a few kills including a tier 3 battleship. Yup, I'm happy with that.

So in summary:-

Kills - 6
...of which were top tier BS - 1
...of which were "WTF is that noob doing?" - 1
...of which were "We really shouldn't have been able to catch him"  - 2
Pod kills - 2
Posts in fleet chat of "Red Shirts Demotivational" - 6ish
Number of those that made you go "Giggity" - 2 (or at least I really hope only 2. Otherwise you have a sick fetish!)
Number of Jumps - 45ish
Number of times the "Brave Sir Robin Manoeuvre" was used - 1
Blobs seen - 1
Empty systems passed through - Far too many :(
Sober FC's - 0
Number of Gallactica's in fleet - 0
Number of Lexx's in fleet even though Monday night was chosen as that was his "Eve-O Night" - 0


  1. Nice write-up.

    I couldn''t make it last night as it was my Mum's birthday and we took her out for dinner.

    Looks like I missed a few kills too. Oh well.

  2. Happy to swap the Maelstrom for my Cane, although next time I'll remember to not head straight back up from bumping...those large Arties hit hard!