Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Look at Rubicon 1.1 on the Test Server

So we have Rubicon 1.1 on the test server. So far we have V3 stations, The Nestor Battleship, Mobile Scan Inhibitor, mobile MJD structure, new Crucifier model and some "little things".

Station V3

Uuuuurm yeah. I.... well.... something is different in Nisuwa and personally not sure about it.


Apparently Matari stations are more different, lets have a quick run to that wretched hive of scum and villiany, Tama.

Mmmm.... Nope, still not sure about this change. May be it'll grow on me?

The Nestor

So we have the new SoE BS. Looks like it takes on a RR Domi's role with bonus to drones and remote armour reps. Huge drone bay at 500m3!

Now I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm not a great fan of the SoE ship designs now I've had chance to see them in space. Too "Star Warsy". Too "Generic Sci-Fi Spaceship Number 4" for me personally. 1970's retro-in-the-future. Does it have HAL 9000 and Barberella on board? Eve Online ships have always been different.

Lets just throw something together quickly and see some stats. Look, I haven't EFT-warriored this, I literally threw on a few mods what I had in my hanger! I am sure a fitting expert can squeeze plenty more out of this hull!

DPS - 907 (220 guns with medium pulse, 688 Drones with Garde II's)
120k EHP (Resists of 75/67/67/79)
Meta Remote Repper fixes 576hp every 5 secs over 16km.

A fleet of these could be interesting!

Mobile Scan Inhibitor
I'm not sure about these yet especially in Faction War. You can stick one at the warp-in inside the plex and you can sit there hidden. You can scan out, but anyone scanning in just see's "Mobile Scan Inhibitor"*. 

You cannot un-anchor it, there is no visible timer. It just behaves like a beacon once it has onlined (60 seconds from 'Launch for self' from your cargo). Its likely to be 7-10m ISK a pop so expensive as it is a one use thing.

You can 'Show info' and it will tell you how long it has left. Pain in the arse to kill too. Cockbag at optimal needs a reload of Phased Plasma to do the job. No reinforced mode, it pops after 23 Cockbag volleys :/

I like the design of the structure but as a sci-fi geek this image doesn't scream "Scanner Jammer!" I would have thought it would be covering in dishes and aerials etc.

Now the interesting thing about these is they don't appear on your overview by default. Therefore anyone directional scanning with "use active overview settings" will see nothing. To them the plex will be clear. I wonder how many are going to DIAF before they sort their overview settings?

Mobile MJD Unit

Does what it says on the tin. Pushes you 100km in direction you are facing. Knocks your sig radius 150% for the 12 sec activation time. It states there is a 20 second activation delay? Appears only one person can use it at a time and there is a 20 sec delay between use! I tried two toons one activating it, and the other waiting a few seconds then trying. The second toon got the message that is was already active. So if it only allows one person to use it at a time... what use is it? I'm struggling to see why I would use one of these.

There was no model for the structure when I tested it last night.


So we have a new Crucifier model.

Bit chunky for a e-warfare ship! Doesn't look like what it is. It looks like a heavily armoured brawler.

Insurance through right-click

YES! About time!

Capital wrecks

A fun one to test even if the forum post says "Some stations and capital wrecks might be wrong". Buy an Archon, park it some where scenic (Plasma planets alway good choice) and come back in a Moros! Right she's going down.....

..... so a work still in progress then :) Teach me for being too keen!

Set autopilot without having to search for the system.

YES! Now you can just search in the AP section of the main UI without going through all that PITA as before!

So there you have a selection of things that will probably make it into Rubicon 1.1. More to come I assume.


  1. I think the SOE ships are rather hideous.

  2. MMJU: I'm wondering if people will use these with sniper ships - a hexgon of them 100km away from each other around a gate, for instance. Sit your sniper/drone-assist BS on one aligned to the next one, blow things up, if someone comes at you in a tackler then activate and pop to the next one. Do you lose locks while MMJU-ing? But is that better than an on-ship MJD in terms of fitting saved or just that you can do it with non-BS hulls (like a sniper T3/ABC)?

  3. Not sure if I'm seeing the picture right, but when did Amarr ships start having so many corners?

  4. One use for the MMJU might be for plex-running in low-sec. Drop one on the warp-in and orbit in your tengu/ishtar. Someone comes to tackle you? Just jump 100km away. It gives you plenty of time to warp out. Or it can be used as an escape when long-pointed by that single condor in your BC that you can't hit. Before his friends come, drop a MMJU and get out of there...possibly.