Sunday, January 26, 2014

SCASSSS - Malkenen Station Fires.

If you are not an Eve lore geek, never read The Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales or never visited the system of Malkenen you might not know there is station on fire there! About 6 years ago a Federation Nyx class super-carrier piloted by Admiral Noir tried to prove you CAN dock a super-capital in a station....

That was one of the kick-off points of Factional Warfare in Eve Online and launched the Empyrean Age expansion. It also showed us the Caldari are crap at putting out fires! Malkenen is still burning in right now in January 2014. Even on the overview the station is called 'wrecked'.

But with the new station skins being deployed in Rubicon 1.1, they decided to send in the fire crews finally! The station is still identified as 'wrecked' on the overview.

So not yet fully fixed. There are some BIG plates floating aimlessly in space and doing nothing much, similar to your average Caldari Militia pilot, but they are getting there at last!

So if you have never visited Malkenen and have not seen what happens after a Nyx rams a station, you'd better visit quickly. When Rubicon 1.1 deploys in two days, those fires will be extinguished... forever!

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  1. That's nothing, check out the door to hell. The Russians lit it on fire in 1971 and it's still burning today.