Sunday, January 5, 2014

SCASSSS - A Few 2013 Pictures

A gallery for the first special Sunday short of 2014. Some of my pics of 2013...

After Fanfest 2013 and then the Rubicon Twitch stream I was getting fed up with the word "imagine" and a picture of badgers building a Stargate.... so I made my own!

Twas early January when Baghi posted a pic on Twitter from a collapsed Sindel. I had to! Where are you Bucky? We miss you!

2013 brought new jump effects. Dr Who? No Hilmar!

Someone posted this on Facebook, I just thought "Meanwhile.... on Pator...."

This is where we clone in the Middle East.

Leftover Turkey from Christmas? Tempest Pie!

I threatened to have this T made up for Fanfest 2013, may be for 2014... :)

Another Facebook post I just needed to make a slight addition to....

In QCats if you catch a pod it is common decency to hold it for your corpies to whore on, although sometimes it doesn't go to plan....

Meanwhile on the subject of podding....

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