Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Risk Adversion in PvP

Are we getting more risk averse in Eve Online PvP? Of course 99% of my Eve experience these days is limited to faction war. It appears to me anyway that we are.

The Caldari Militia are down on their knees. The LP price finally crashed and all the farmers have all deserted the squids to use their Minmatar alts to milk the tier 4 they have over there. So basically I'm low on war targets, but the ones I am seeing want to fight... sort of. Its a funny situation. Either there are loads of war targets around, but 95% are stabbed or cloaky and won't fight, or there are very few war targets with hardly any that are stabbed or cloaky and won't fight. No bloody middle ground! However, with the farmers away, I'm having issues with a new type of low-sec dweller. I have termed these "Kill-farmers".

PvP has always had its share of kill-farmers. The smart-bombing, multiple stabbed battleship lurking near a gate to murder pods and frigates is an extreme example but there are others. Those who KB stats are king and they will not engage unless they are 110% sure they will win. There are some specific types flying around:-

The Frigate Killing Cruiser
Now I have a frigate killing cruiser. I use my frigate killing cruiser when there are some frigates that need killing. I do not roam in it. However many do, especially in faction war. OK, that is one way of getting kills I guess. 

However, my issue with these guys are that they are also some of the most gobby in game especially when you kill them. It defies logic, but this is the standard local chat we get after we've baited him with one frigate at a plex and then warped two or three more in after he goes for the gank.

"Nice blob. ****** *******! None of you can fight solo!"
"So if I was in a cruiser you'd have still come into this plex?"
"No way! This ship is anti-frigate."
"So you'd be up for a 1v1 in your cruiser providing I'm in a frigate?"
"Yeah! You F****** blobbers!"

T1 vs T2
This entire post was a result of two non-engagements I had early in the week. I was in a plex solo when I got a Harpy on scan. Now a Harpy would murder my little Tristan so I aligned out. Sure enough the Cal Mil Harpy enters the plex and I warp to a gate and jump out. Luckily I was only one jump from home so quickly docked up and shipped up to a Harpy. I got back to the system and the guy was still there in the plex. Great! Time for a nice 1v1!

He ran, and he kept running as I chased him around the system. There was no way he was going to fight in equal ships. Eventually he left. Thinking I'd have less chance of a fight sat in the plex in my Harpy I went back home, reshipped back to the Tristan and came back to the same plex. 10 minutes later I get a Hawk on scan. Different player, same idea. As he lands in my plex he eats my exhaust. Less than two minutes later I'm back in warp to the plex in my Hawk. I do have a lot of ships in my hanger and always try to reship to the same level or just under. Will this guy fight? Nope! I Benny-Hill around system for a while and he leaves. Against a T1 frigate these guys are "COME AT ME BRO!" in their tech two Assault Ships. When faced with the same ship and an equal battle its a big old NOPE!

T1 vs Faction
Now this is not as clear-cut as the above. Whilst you can kill an Assault Frigate with a T1 frigate it is fairly difficult. Faction frigates are not as good as assault frigates but they are still better than T1. Again like the frigate killing cruiser, these guys moan like a bitch if they die to you being "sooooooo unfair". I'll have a go solo many times when I'm in the T1 frigate but some times I'll just say on comms "Hey guys.....". Issue is these bitches never ask for a 1v1. Because not only do they want you in a T1 frigate, they are also hoping you are not paying attention. Asking for a 1v1 sort of ruins the element of surprise. So when they come at you hoping for the relatively easy gank and a friend shows up. Well, you get this:-

[07:36:01 ] Drackarn > gf
[07:36:19 ] P > garbage fight not one piece of shit in this game can 1v1 your garbage
[07:36:28 ] P > circle jerk fags
[07:36:52 ] Drackarn > Oooo nice one for the "rage" forum thread
[07:36:56 ] Dr Wilson > What the heck did I walk into !?
[07:37:09 ] P > a bunch of bitchs

He was trying to gank a Breacher in a Republic Fleet Firetail and HE is moaning it is soooooo unfair!

If you asked and we agreed a 1v1 then you'll get a 1v1. I ALWAYS honour 1v1's. But if you are rubbing your hands with glee whilst in warp as you think you have an easy gank and suddenly you hear Admiral Ackbar in your head, don't blame me you toss pot! If you are in an equal class of ship, THEN you are allowed a small whine with cheese in local about any trap or backup.

The Griffin Fleet
No, not a fleet of Griffins, just one amongst several ships. This is a common tactic for Cal Mil where they put a few gank frigates and destroyers on the warp-in and have their Griffin ready to jam anyone coming in. Now many people look at the fleet and think its going to be difficult to get them out unless you can outnumber them. Nope. All you need are some sniper Kessys, Dertatrons or similar. Overheat MWD to coast away from warp-in even if you get scrammed, burn out and take that Griffin down. Now you might still be outnumbered but just watch what happens. They run! Even though technically they should wipe the floor with your inferior numbers and inferior ships, they are running away. With their jamming ship dead you have the opportunity to shoot back. That is not what they signed up for! Cut the head off, the rest dies off. It is an amazing thing to watch.

So there you have a few examples of players I encounter most weeks in low-sec. Now if that is how you want to roll, OK. Each to their own. Cannot say I'm happy but if we all liked the same thing it would be boring. But please, at the very least, keep out of local chat if you have no concept of irony!


  1. Sigh. Seeing the same things lately. I'd add "Swarmers" to that list, 4-5 or 6-7 Tristans or Condors together that only fight when they can swarm you to death. Or they have a t3 somewhere in local. Annoying.

    I will say one thing, as a guy on the other side of the fence, about engagements. Sometimes I'm headed somewhere for something specific and I'll see a Incursus or something in a plex. Just because he runs off to get a bigger ship doesn't mean I'm going to wait around for him. Or really want to lose my ship before I get to where I'm supposed to be.

    There are always other sides to that. Just sayin

  2. I think T1 frigates vs faction frigates is actually more difficult that vs assault frigates. AFs are generally more powerful, but they have substantial weaknesses you can exploit.
    Anyway, I think the motive for a lot of these people is proving that they're superior in some manner and it's harder to rationalize losing than running away. Or at the very least, running away doesn't upset them.

    Also, let me second what Rixx Javix is saying. There are a lot of people who can't/won't fight without links and will run from an otherwise even fight if they don't have that crutch.

  3. All valid play styles...except the bitching and moaning