Sunday, January 12, 2014

SCASSSS - Gifs for Local Chat

"Let your guns do the talking"
- Rashmika Clavain, CEO, Revelation Space

That was a quote from my first CEO in Eve Online and always stuck with me. I've never forgot that one. Same as another quote from his real life girlfriend Eelis - "Kissed a few girls in my time but the bumps weren't in the right places".

And Rash has a point. It is impossible to smack-talk in local without sounding like a 8 year-old in a playground. However, a good gif always goes down well if you've had a bit to drink!

Escaped that gate camp with ease?

Someone yellow boxing but won't aggress?

Inside a complex and the war-target lands on gate but won't come in and instead runs away?

Need a "Come at me bro"?

Did he come at you bro and it didn't work out well for him?

The gobby little shite who thinks he's escaped and smacks in local only to find your mates camping the next gate.

Did the tarp they set for you not work out 100%? Or was their DPS sadly lacking?

Did their tarp actually work out and you died to 50:1?

Some odd No's and Nopes!


Finally a couple of randoms you may find useful.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! Keeping these. Quite a few are -very- descriptive of the fleets I lead. Hilarious!