Sunday, January 19, 2014

SCASSSS - Upgraded Eve "Command Centre"!

The wife came up to me the other week...

Wife - "So what do you want for your birthday?"
Me - "Well I would like....."
Wife - "Before you say it, I'm not making out with another woman!"
Me - "Damn it!!! Oh well, just surprise me then!"

So this weekend we went up to the capital with some friends (I have a mate here who has a birthday two days before mine) and had a weekend* of wine*, women*** and song****!

I get home on Saturday which is actually the day of my birthday to my surprise presents...

A 24" monitor and a new gaming keyboard!

Result! No more triple-boxing on two screens!

* The weekends are Friday/Saturday here.
** I didn't have wine, I stuck to cider and vodka.
*** The women were our wives.
**** One of the bars we visited during the pub-crawl had a band and they were playing some Guns and Roses. I got a few strange looks from our party as I was belting out Makalu Cries by Sindel Pellion!


  1. I should be ooohing and aaahhing over the rig but what I am really thinking is "I'm sure there was a can of 'bow on the desk on the pic he posted to Twitter".

    Mind you, I realised I had a stray can of Heineken on my How do you EVE post which has now been replaced by a bottle of Glenfiddich so I'm not accurate either!

    Fly like you drank it!

    1. Slightly different photo taken next day. You are absolutely right, there was Strongbow in the pic I uploaded to Twitter :)

  2. Happy Birthday and gratz on the new rig, bud !

  3. Congrats. That's a nice set-up and a very knowing wife!

    Last year when I heard my kids listening to pop music I found I only knew them by the Eve parody. That's slowed down recently, seems like there has been less out over the past 5-6 months or so.