Monday, December 15, 2014

Looking for a New Corp

So, I've started the search for a new corp.

Current corp has gone from 5,000 kills a month one year ago to less than 50 in the first half of this month. That other game, Real Life Offline, has taken far too many key people away. I don't know why, that game is crap and the monthly cost is far too high! 

Whilst I've been fairly happy with doing my own thing (GMT +4 in US TZ corp!), solo PvP our area is also dead. So time for a complete change. QCats has been an awesome home but I rarely see anyone else on. Two other in corp chat at the same time is 'busy' for me. I hunger for some gang action after a couple of years of mostly solo.

'Not yet 40' (tm) Englishman living in the Middle East, so GMT +4 (so thats the very early Euro, Russian prime, late Aus). Working hours mean I'm on usually from just after DT to 1900 Eve time. Weekends here are Thursday and Fridays so on later those days. However, Thursdays are known as Thirsty Thursdays here so whilst I might be on late on a Tschurday I'm not ushally musch usche after scharting drinking at two pm, Hic. Play errrryday generally and only really interested in PvP. I spent my first six months in Eve Carebearing and moved to PvP at the start of 2009 and not looked back. Over 5,000 kills and lots of quality loses too ;). Previously done solo, small gang and fleet action in high-sec, low-sec, NPC null and even had a boring few months in Sov holding null-sec. Done most things in Eve from null sec sov wars (I got the final blow on a station... in a Drake*!) to big cap fights (I was one of the dreads that dropped the PL titan in Amamake). I'm not looking for 250 man BS fleets where you lock, F1, lock, F1, lock, F1. I have done some FC'ing. Pretty terrible at it but if nobody else will step up I'll happily welp the fleet in a blaze of glory/uber fail. Ideally looking for low-sec (as I'm -10 currently) in a PvP rich area. I sell PLEX on market for ISKies so in-game cash is never an issue. Was a director in both Shadows of the Federation (SoTF) and QCats. Run the Eve-O blog Sand, Cider and Spaceships. Fanfest regular. On Twitter as @Drackarn with circa 700 followers. Have decent headset and copies of the various comms software. Full API available further down the line. I think thats what most corps want to know about you in their recruitment ads? Need to know anything else, just ask!

Main Account
120m+ SP combat focused toon. Can fly every combat sub-cap in game (except the Confessor, need to get the skill book yet) with most ship skills at V. Archon and Moros at 4 with T1 triage/siege. All weapons specs etc. Obviously maxed out fitting/tanking. Hanger has everything from Pantheon Archon and Gank Moros, down through faction BS fit to fleet doctrines all the way to T1 solo frigates and even my Battle Badger of Doom!!! Prefer frigate and destroyer hulls for solo work, larger hulls for fleet action.

Alt Account 1
Maxed Fleet Command/Booster/Prober. Flies industrials/freighters for bringing main shiny ships to assplode.

Alt Account 2
My main Logi and Cap pilot. Logi at V, Archon at V and T2 triage. Revelation at V, T1 siege. Also FW deplexing/cyno/scout alts.

Alt Account 3
FW/Cyno/scout alts

Looking For.
An active English-speaking PvP corp with a good bunch of people who don't take their serious internet spaceships too seriously. For example if the designated tackler accidently tackles the gate as they are drunk, there should be raucous laughter and lots of p155 taking. Not rage that they let a lone cruiser escape! RL needs to come first too. I'm lucky that the wife aka "the Eve Widow" isn't too demanding but rare cases of wife agro/"need to go AFK a bit, the cats are apparently destroying the place" should be acceptable excuses! After a long period of solo I'm looking for some gang action so that means decent corp activity and targets to pew-pew in the local area around 1130 to 1900 Eve time. I know, tell me about it, its driving me nuts atm!

If your corp fits the bill or you know of one please let me know!

*I cannot remember the last time I undocked a Drake! Not the sort of ship I'll take to a station bash these days anyway.


  1. Aideron Robotics... Come back and kill squids

  2. Justified Chaos sounds right up your street. Our CEO X Gallentius is former Qcats too. In a bad month we get 1500 kill, in the first 2 weeks of Dec we're at over 1000.

  3. I'm a fan of your blog and also CEO of a corp in The Bastion alliance, part of the CFC. We have various options for pvp. Currently we're defending our space although that campaign is winding down, one of the aggressors (BL) has already moved south.

    Pvp content gets delivered through jabber pings (that's an instant messaging program). So if a FC takes out a fleet you hear an audible ping, check jabber and see if you want to join. You will get pings from the alliance, the coalition and any Special Interest Groups you join. For example we have a new SIG called Reavers which uses wormholes to conduct behind the lines operations against the CFC's enemies.

    The corp itself is very small. The attraction is the access to the alliance and coalition activities. I started the corp a month ago and am finding it really hard to recruit and retain. Most people who want to play in nullsec can simply join Brave rather than put up with the onerous API checks we use for recruiting. The plus side of that is that our vetting makes it harder for spies and awoxers to join but as a new CEO it's a pain to build a corp up.

    Join in-game channel OffTS if you'd like a chat with me. My in-game name is Callduron.

    ;) enough said ^^

  5. Come to PL. We have *things* in your TZ. Also, me.

  6. You really should go to BRAVE. Someone is out there creating content for them at all times. Everything from solo Stabber Fleet Issues to fleets comes by looking for fights. I took a roam down to their home system a week or two ago and my FCON corpies were astounded. "Man the entire system was one endless fight! fights on the sun, fights on station, fights on every gate and in every belt..." and that doesn't eve count the endless roamers coming through the rest of Catch, especially HED-GP.

  7. "That other game, Real Life Offline, has taken far too many key people away. I don't know why, that game is crap and the monthly cost is far too high!"

    LOL - I hear you. We had a great run while it lasted - most FW kills in FW history and all the way to #2 on BC... Hope to still see you around Eve....if I can get back into it myself - lol.

  8. So many tempting for you. It is a pity you need to side with one particular group, rather than being able to freelance.

  9. Come and join old SOTF bros Dread Delgarth and Ratchman in Black Fox Marauders mate I'll even light the cyno's in Vlillarier to get ur stuff out of Nis :)

  10. Best of luck in your adventures!

    - Than

  11. Best of luck on your search. I don't recruit people, you should already know enough about Stay Frosty and what the alliance offers. We have two main activity zones and your play time is one of them. We have groups active in Black Rise, Minnie FW, Stain, Syndicate, WHs/Thera, and Kamela right now. We fly wherever we want and do whatever we think sounds like it'd be fun.

    But you knew that already.