Sunday, December 7, 2014

SCASSSS - NOBODY Expects the Amarr Tactical Destroyer!

I had a little play with the Confessor on my return from holiday. Here is a terribad animated gif I made of it cycling through its three modes:-

I'm not a big fan of Amarrian ships. I have the BS and the HIC as well as the carrier as these can be some of the best of their class. However day-to-day I don't use much Amarr. One I do occasionally do use is a 10mn Coercer. A fun ship, although I prefer the 10mn Thrasher. So how does a 10mn Confessor work with an oversized AB and the speed mode turned on? Yes it does. Overheat the AB and its silly. Put some Snakes in your head and its.....

My test ship is below. It goes 2600m/s on an afterburner (so scram won't slow it) and does 270DPS..... theoretically. The issue is at that speed the lasers cannot hit the continent where the barn is located, nevermind actually hitting the barndoor.

Adding high grade Snake implants and it does 3600m/s. Over-heat that AB and its FIVE THOUSAND METRES A SECOND!

Lasooooooors are being buffed in Rhea, I wonder if this will make the 10mn Confessor viable?

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  1. I just had to check how fast 10MN MWD Confessor would go in the speed mode and I was pleasantly surprised. It goes over 9000!

    To be more precise, it goes 11,7 km/s before any implants or other boosts. If you add to that say 2 x Overdrive Injector II and Small Auxiliary Thruster I, you can go with overheated MWD at the speed of 15,1 km/s. Granted, it can do little else...