Monday, December 29, 2014

Thanks a Bunch QCats!

Whilst I was waiting for my application to join CCDM one of the long standing guys in QCATS took over as CEO and announced he was taking them back into Faction war and trying to get the Corp active again. This made no difference to me. QCATS prime time was always when I was sleeping. I had been happy soloing for two and a half years. I wanted some fleet action and studied the killboards carefully to find a group active (fleet wise) in my prime time. QCATS being out of faction war or being inactive were not my reasons for leaving. Time zone differences/getting bored of solo and a thirst for fleets was.

I had to ask them to delay for a few days as it would be a major PITA for me if the rejoined before I moved. Given faction war docking mechanics if they had joined Gallente Militia before I left I'd have had to drop corp to be able to dock at my new home station. If I joined CCDM then I'd only be able to undock in my carrier and not redock. Meaning if I got pointed on station I'd be buggered.

Anyway, Andre was a very nice chap and I was able to move both carriers and my dreadnought out of Nisuwa and join CCDM before the QCATS rejoined faction war. And rejoin they did, obviously Gallente again.

I expected the "spai" comments anyway when I decided CCDM was the best choice for me. Five years Gallente Militia and moving over to the Caldari was bound to raise some eyebrows. When QCATS said they'd be rejoining faction war as I was leaving I'd knew it would be worse. I started seeing some of the old Caldari guard such as good old GavinGoodRich, one of the Caldari's main FC's back in the golden age of Faction War (09-11).....

Drackarn > GavinGoodrich o/
GavinGoodrich > lol drack what're you doin' here :D
Moglarr > He saw the light, lol
Drackarn > I've come over to the dark side. Something about ruling the universe blardy blardy blardy

Mr Duffo was less subtle...

Mr Duffo > omg you
Mr Duffo > who recruitted spy
Scylus Black > Mr Duffo lol

So yeah, most long serving Caldari Militia who I have fought against are going to be naturally suspicious of me :(

In summary, my previous corp is back in Faction War at the worse possible time for me! I'll hopefully be running into them soon. Running in to them? I mean shooting them in the face and saying GF in local when all (read theirs) ships are wrecks. However, please feel free to leave all "thats just what a spy would say" comments below.  Get them off your chest. I feel there will be plenty for me in the coming weeks. ;)


  1. Nice! Hope it works out with the Squids. I've thought about giving FW another try to get me going in Eve again....perhaps even jumping sides like this to check it out. But the occupancy/dock mechanics are such a soul crushing drain on my motivation that I just can't bring myself to anymore.

  2. Anyone who reads your blog knows about your search for wingmen, 'spai' comments are stupid but inevitable.

  3. QCats = Best Cats.

    - Than

  4. Fly deadly, but not too deadly.

    PS You can still come home to QCATS anytime, even though you killed me when I tackled you.