Monday, December 22, 2014

One Man Fleet in Sujarento

I had a fairly good weekend of pewpew. Following my roaming last week to see which corps were living in active PvP areas I found that Sujarento is a good place to violence important internet spaceships. The Caldari Militia are trying to take the space, the Gallente are trying to defend it and SNUFF are in the middle killing anyone everyone they can.

Saturday was a good day with some decent solo action. I had much more an issue on Sunday after getting home from work (weekends out here are Friday and Saturday). Everyone was in a fleet! It was "Fleet Up Sundays" or something. You know, the thing I'm currently looking for. My rocket Kestrel was no use here so I swapped to a 10mn Thrasher hoping to pick a few off. Typical I managed to get snagged first attempt by a dual web Condor! The 10mn can get snagged easy as it turns like a super tanker. However it will beat a frigate even when webbed, but two or more webs and they are buggered. I killed the Condor but his mates where able to get on me whilst I was double webbed. Oh well, at least with expensive meta webs the Condor meant it was was worth more. Yay for ISK war "winning" ;)

I tried some more solo but it was useless. Everyone was running about in fleets of a dozen or more. Time for a different tactic. I went back to Nisuwa and made a Kiting Kestrel. Targets to over 100km, 92km range with faction light missiles. My idea was to stay off and pick at the various fleets from range until I pissed one off enough to come at me. Well that was the plan. I went back to Sujerento and slipped into a novice plex and waited. Soon enough a fleet turned up. A Templis CALSF frigate fleet with eWar and logi. I tried to tempt some of them out of the ball but they were having none of it. Nice fleet discipline for them, but a PITA for me. Got a few shots off on two of the eWar (Griffin/Malus) and a Kestrel that came out of the ball a bit. However I soon realised that the reduced DPS of the sniper Kestrel meant I was not going to get near to breaking them. I reshipped back to a solo boat and went to a different plex hoping someone solo would come past. A few minutes later GF's started spring up in local and CALSF pods starting popping up on my D-Scan as they flew past my plex towards the out-gate. Apparently SNUFF had gone in hard. Later I noticed three kills on my KB that I didn't remember. It took me a minute to realise I had engaged those three from range before moving on. Technically not my kills.

Local sprang to life again a few minutes later with "Round 2?" from a SNUFF player. Thinking there would be another fleet fight I docked quickly and reshipped to the sniper Kessy and warped to 100km from the plex the fighting was at last time. There was a SNUFF Tormentor and Faction Frigate Fleet on the gate and a short ranged scan showed a lot more frigates in the plex itself. SNUFF started to enter so I turned the microwarpdrive on and burnt for the gate. On activating the gate I pre-overheated by MWD and positioned the camera so I was looking down. My plan was to go straight down in a nose-dive with overheated MWD and get range before either side shot me. Sniper Kessys have no tank!

I dropped out of warp in the middle of a space-battle. Thankfully everyone was too busy kicking everyone else in the shins to notice me and I was 60km away in a few seconds. A shiny SNUFF Daredevil caught my attention so I started throwing light missiles up his exhaust pipe whilst manually flying to keep in range of the target, but keep at range from the twenty or so other ships. Whilst the main fight was CALSF vs SNUFF either side would happily end me if they had a chance so it was a three way with me making up a pretty pathetic third party.

The Daredevil was in low armour as the last of the CALSF fleet went down. Then it was then me verses a SNUFF fleet who were probably a bit miffed I'd been spamming missiles at their shiny ships for the duration of the battle. Velocity readouts on my overview started to shoot up, ranges started to drop. This is a very good indication that it is time to RUN AWAY!

I aligned away from the approaching ships hoping to get a few more hits on that Daredevil but he was moving in the opposite direction. I lost lock and warped away as some angry SNUFF ships burnt at me.

So close on getting that Daredevil. So close!

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