Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why Move Plex & Drack the Squid

Earlier in the week this happened.

54 BILLION ISK of PLEX being moved in an Ibis. Seriously? Two things here....

1. Always Expect Suicide Ganking
If your cargo is worth substantially more than the cost of the ships that would be needed to kill it, then you are at risk. Generally you can work on 30% roughly of fittings and cargo dropping as loot I think? Somewhere around there anyway. So if you are flying with 3bn ISK in your cargo hold the gankers can expect probably 1bn ISK to drop. If they need 500m ISK of ships to suicide-gank you then they may go "Meh, probably not worth it". This dude put 54bn, a potential payout of 16bn if they hadn't been stacked, inside a ship that could be suicide ganked by a 1m ISK destroyer in a single shot. The loot fairy works on single items or entire stacks of items. Eight fitted guns each have a chance of dropping, a single stack of 50 of those guns in the hold will either all drop or all burn. It was crying out to be suicide ganked. To be honest it would have been more of a tragedy if he hadn't been ganked.

2. There is NO Reason to Move PLEX
Well, I guess thats not 100% correct. PLEX prices do fluctuate around the cluster so money can be made buying cheap in Jita and shipping out to other places. However, when we look at the mechanics we can see that actually PLEX prices should be all the same. As there is no need to move PLEX they should be the same price all over. The reason they are different is that so many players do not realise how you can use PLEX without having to move it. PLEX are different prices around New Eden simply because of ignorance of game mechanics. What you do is......

Actually I'm not going to say. I feel its better for the game and the generated publicity to keep this thing happening over and over again. Yes, we more than likely lost a subscriber to WoW over this. However, how many more did we gain when people saw the news stories and thought "I'll give that game a try!". On the flip side I think anyone who reads an Eve Online blog probably knows more about the mechanics than casual Eve players and already knows how to buy and use PLEX in Jita without having to have your main there. So if I spelt out the method here it would make no real difference in the amount of people derping PLEX into suicide gankers. Most reading this blog would just go "Well, duuuurrrr!".

Then again I get a lot of hits from people Googling "how to remove bounty in Eve online". I'll be safe just in case and keep quiet!

Now onto me and my move to the Caldari Militia...

So on Boxing Day I was able to evac all my stuffz (tm) from Nisuwa and join up with CCDM in Hasmajala. So how is my new home? Generally excellent!

Solo Action
Been plenty of opertunity for 1v1 in my new home. The Gallente Militia, erm Frog Scum I mean, have been pushing the area hard and there are usually some war targets about. There are also a fair few pirate organisations about who roam solo. Although with their speeds and scram range I do wonder how "solo" some of these guys are. May be I should be taking advantage of some Link-Lurvin' as I've certainly been handed my ass due to other using them.

Special shout out to Lee Church of Aideron. A persistant Frog who is active solo in my TZ, or was this week. With Christmas breaks all TZ's are a bit messed up currently. We had some good fights together whilst it was generally off-peak for most.

Fleet Action
The number one reason for leaving QCats was I wanted fleets. I'd been solo for two and a half years and yearned for some fleet pewpew. One of the main reasons I joined CCDM was looking at their killboard it appeared they were engaged in fleet action during my prime-time. Was I wrong?

Since joining I've had some great gang fights. Algos drone swarms, suicide Derplins, brawling Thrashers, sniper Corms! In fact I've used up most of my ships I brought and used Black Frog Logistics for the first time to being in two jump freighters of frigates and destroyers.

The fleet action I think is better than usual given that the Gallente had made a push for Hasmajala. DOTLAN showed Has as the top low-sec system for kills after Monday's push by the Frog Bastards (see I'm getting the hang of this 'other side' lark finally!).

Looking forward to a lot more killing in 2015!


  1. Haha! Glad it's looking up for you. Me continuing to read your blog here is the most Eve I've had in months. If only FW didn't have the terribad docking mechanics. Has literally ruined the game for me....and my (our) home system was never seriously threatened of flipping....ever.

  2. That plex loss was likely an RMT transaction.

  3. If you're thinking of YUHU, then yes they pretty much are always running links. That "neutral" Loki you probably often see on the gates is their link ship. You're probably more squarely in their TZ given they are Spanish.