Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Narrowing Down The List

So I've had a few suggestions on where might be a suitable move now I want to change corps to one with some activity in my TZ. Many thanks for these suggestions readers. Some interesting choices out there. In my six and a half years in Eve with no break, I've had only four corps. Newbie corp, then into Revelation Space which merged into Shadows of the Federation which I left to join QCats. I'd prefer not to start corp hopping to find a suitable home and do my research first and hopefully get a good one.

My biggest issue is finding a PvP corp active in my odd time zone. Whilst I'm GMT +4 I am on early local time from 3:30pm here which is 11:30 Eve Time. There is one way to do this. Spreadsheets and graphs! Gotta have a graph!

Suggestions from players included the following AHARM, BRAVE, Stay Frosty, Aideron Robotics, Templis CALSF, Rifterlings, Knights of Ni, The Bastion alliance, Justified Chaos, PL, Black Fox Marauders and RvB

So lets have a look at some data and have a manual trawl through zKill.

I chose Sunday and Monday which are normal working days for me but of course cover both weekend and weekday for you Monday-Friday countries out there. I can be on Eve from about 11:30 Eve Time until up to 19:00 Eve Time with a break for food in there. Lets see who violences ships in that time period. Its a rough count and I counted both kills and loses as thats "activity". I excluded pods and structures as well as Ventures and noob ships. Carebear kills don't count. Please note this is a ROUGH count. I did it quickly and casually. No need to do it yourself and moan I was 5 or 6 kills out for your uber PvP corp of uberness. Eve players will read this and I know exactly what some of you are like.

Anyway, here is my rough kill/loss count graph. I didn't even try counting BRAVE after the first page. Yes guys, you win!

So lets run through these.

AHARM is not really active in my TZ.
BRAVE. Wow, going through that killboard gave me a headache. So many kills, so much action, so much red. Pro tip, bright red is a great colour for a sports car. It is a really bad colour for anus' and killboards.
Stay Frosty is active in my TZ although on a weekday it does drop off a bit. Looking at the KB stats its mostly solo kills in my TZ and I'm looking for wingmen after two and a half years of solo. I'd love to join Rixx's crew but I'd be same as I am now, solo.
Aideron Robotics don't appear to be massively active in my TZ which is a shame. Good bunch of guys I've met at Fanfest.
Templis CALSF are very active (for my TZ anyway). Sunday and Mondays have the same level of activity and lots of kills as part of gang action.
Rifterlings only have one kill in the eight hour peak for me on a weekday.
Knights of Nii are the same, only their kill was a Badger. Met the guys (and a gal?) at Fanfest a number of times and they are good blokes... but dudes.... one lonely Badger? ;)
The Bastion Alliance have some activity in my TZ but it is minimal in the week. Obviously their mostly active at 6am to 8am my time.
Justified Chaos obviously have some Bruces and Sheilas in corp. I stopped counting when I got to 100 important internet spaceship assplosions within the Sunday period. Whilst the week days are lower, they are joint 3rd.
PL do well in my TZ, but, I mean its PL. Obviously they have the super sexy Sindel amongst their ranks but when I think of PL its "Not there, not there, not there, SUPER-CAP HOTDROP O'CLOCK. Got pissed with PL guys at Fanfest before and they are all sound, just not sure PL would be for me even if they'd were interested in a FW scrub like me (which I would doubt).
Black Fox Marauders aren't bad on a Sunday, but the weekday kills in my TZ drop off a lot.
RvB are certainly very active, they have the most kills/losses in my TZ than anyone else other than Brave. Plus the suggestion was actually in the form of a poster with a lady in fishnets so worthy of attention. Its just.... well..... high-sec..... I like my -10 piwat badge!

Out of those I think there are three possibilities. Templis CALSF, Justified Chaos and RvB. 

RvB is interesting, just no-nonsense PvP an a lot of it, but I'd need to rat or tag up from -10 to an acceptable level for high-sec. Then any low-sec roams could mean more ratting/tagging. Sorry RvB, I guess I'm just a bad guy. I cannot face high-sec at this time.

So that leaves Templis CALSF and Justified Chaos. Both low-sec, both showing decent action in my peak time, both mean-cold killers. Two good choices right there.

As I said, I'd like to avoid corp hopping so I went to pay a visit to Justified Chaos last night. I took a Thrasher and sat in a small plex inside their home system to see what would happen. Within a minute of entering system a JC Algos arrived promptly followed by a his mates in a Vengence and a Jaguar. I burnt away. Bit of banter in local and I left. Yup these guys are active in my TZ. Should have used the Vengeance as bait lads (I would have gone for that) and then brought the Algos and Jag in to finish me off ;)

Next I headed up to Sujurento where Templis CALSF have been very active lately. My Thrasher died to one of their Algos' within a minute of me entering system. 10mn Thrashers vs Algos is never an easy fight but I wanted some pew-pew and I derped it up so an easy kill for the squid (may be I need to stop calling them squids if I want to join these guys in the end, just a thought).

Joined both their public channels and Templis was certainly more active in terms of people chatting. Plenty of talk and I was spotted lurking and offered assistance without me saying anything. Even though I'm not Gal Mil anymore they perhaps thought I was spying! Then again one mentioned this blog so might know I'm looking for a new corp. Justified's public channel was quieter with nobody talking. They were still better than the QCats public channel which had me in it alone. At least these guys both had a dozen or so people.

So pros and cons?

Justified Chaos -
Pros - Gallente FW. I have fantastic standings with Gallente. Old familiar faces and comrades. Providing the squids don't take Nisuwa I can keep stuff there. Entering their system was responded to by three people trying to kill me = Active in my prime-time. Most kills.
Cons - 4 jumps away by carrier! Public channel was very quiet?

Templis CALSF -
Pros - Obviously very active. Friendly, chatty bunch. Probably a direct jump to their HQ by carrier from Nisuwa (is that Hasma area?). Active in my prime-time.
Cons - Caldari, means I'd be locked out of Nisuwa with five years of stuffz stored there. Standings issues (Caldari hate me). Its ze old enemy. I might not be able to stop calling them squid even if I become squid myself ;)

You know, its a really difficult choice! I'm going to the pub tonight so will think about it over a couple of chilled pints of cider. Its me and two non-gaming ladies so unless the barman is a gamer I'll have to hope the cider gives me a moment of clarity as the two I'm with won't be any help in making a decision on who to apply to!


  1. GalMil BestMil. Also, I still owe you a roam (I haven;t forgotten that I said we should do some squid hunting together a year ago)

  2. Caldari would be more of a change and gives you the chance to finally shoot at all your old friends.
    And seriously, who wants to play a space frenchman anyway!

    I should mention my main is Caldari and I am slightly biased.

  3. Yeah, I didn;t bother suggesting Aideron (my corp) because I knew we were pretty weak in non-US timezones and you don't strike me as a guy interested in building the foundation for a timezone, like me you're in it for the Pew Pew.

    Regarding Justified Chaos and Templis, I have respect for both organizations. In fact, I consider Templis the CalMil version of Aideron and we tangle with them frequently. You might see more action on that side as they are pushing hard in the Suj area.

  4. From your narrowed down list I'd go JUSTK for what it's worth

  5. As a very bitter (ex) FW vet and someone who still thinks station docking rights is the absolute dumbest idea ever conceived for FW/lo-sec and who too has a metric ton of crap in Nisuwa....if you go squid (yes they will always be squids to us :P ) .... if you have a carrier/JF alt (can't remember and won't say here even if I did) could just trade to that toon to move stuff out as you need it. Just a thought in case you have not thought of it already.

  6. I don't know if my comment got eaten by the interwebs or is just awaiting moderation so I'll post again. My fully biased opinion is to go with Temples. They are a great group of guys who are in it for fights and fun and the regular drunken roam. While I'm not very active anymore as girlfriends take too much time, I do keep in touch with the guys. I forwarded this post to Scylus Black (alliance executor). He's a good guy and would be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns