Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sleepers in Low Sec

I undocked and went to find someone to violence after updating to Rhea yesterday. Everything is so much more shiny now with the new physics based rendering.

Eventually I found another Kestrel in Tama who wanted to fight. Luckily for me he assumed I'd be normally fit and was firing EM rockets into my 400mm armour plate. The 10 seconds he took to reload to explosive rockets cost him the fight. I went back to Nisuwa and docked up, repaired, dropped off the loot and undocked. Then I noticed something on overview. "Unidentified Structure". I had one of those moments... "I have lived here for years. Surely I should have noticed that before? Surely?".

I went to investigate. On arrival I found a brown coloured gas cloud with lightning effects in it along with a normal beacon satilite. Zooming in I found that the lightning wasn't within the cloud itself, there was some massive cloaked structure there. Its not 100% cloaked and whilst difficult to see, its there. The shape and green tinge to it makes me suspect its Jovian or Sleeper or Talonen or whatever. Terran V2.0!

I rammed it. No effect. I shot it with my Thrashers big guns. No effect. A few minutes later I heard the "whump" of a ship warping in. Nothing on overview so not a player! I spun the camera around and saw four cruiser sized red crosses. Rats, NPC rats. Boring! Oh, wait, they are not pirates, they are four Sleeper cruisers in low-sec!!!! Oh..... As I was in my Thrasher I quickly warped back to station and reshipped. I returned to see what a rail Moa would do to them. When I got back they were projecting some kind of light at the cloaked structure.

I decided that as I didn't have a huge torch like they did, I'd fire some friendly hybrid charges at them instead. They did not agress properly, just fired the same white light at me and my drones.

I killed one and as it dropped no loot I went back to station seeing no reason to attack the other three.

A while later I saw there were more players in system than were docked in the station. Hoping someone was at the new structure I went back in a Thrasher. A shuttle was indeed there but warped off when I landed (strangely enough). The Sleepers fired their light thingy at me again and I got a better view this time as I was zoomed in.

Mmmmmmmm. I would guess its some sort of scanner? Someone at CCP a fan of ST:TNG and they've been watching too many Borg episodes? At least the light is white and not green.

So we have cloaked structures, possibly Jovian or Sleeper tech, that the cloaking device is slowly starting to fail. We have Sleeper Drones flying arounf low sec scanning these sites and anyone or anything near. They are not agressive and do not defend themselves when attacked.

I wonder what the future holds with these new sites?


  1. Noticed the same gas cloud in a nullsec system but didn't check for cloaked structures and warped off quickly because I didn't want to be suprised by sleepers spawning and killing my ship (which was loaded with escalation loot and only tanked for a single damage type)

    Might take another look this evening.

  2. saw the sleepers. circadian seeker (an ominous name- like they waiting for something to awaken after their cycle is over) . they can my ship and POCO

  3. Johnny Pew did a video about those sleepers:

    Apparently harmless. At least for now...

  4. I've seen them throughout low and high sec Derelik as well. Scanning down customs offices, in belts, etc. Even had them scanning a station.