Saturday, September 21, 2013

100m SP! Cynabal Give Away Attempt 2 - The Nine Figure Club

Ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eighty.... Ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine.... one hundred million!

Five years, two months and a few days after I created my first character in Eve Online I have reached the milestone of 100,000,000 skill points today. Yes, its not the exclusive club it used to be, some are nearing 200m I am sure, but it is still a milestone worth mentioning.

So where are all those SP located? Lets have a look at Dracks spread..... that sounded bad actually!

Armour - 4.2%
Armour tanking is still best for logi and armour tanking a traditionally shield tanked ship can have surprising results when solo'ing. "Yeh, keep firing that EMP at me bro!"

Corporation Management - 0.1%
I needed some anchoring skills to place warp bubbles in null-sec. Not much else there!

Drones - 6.8%
Most drone skills to V for the ones I use, so that is Matari and Gallente mostly! Sentries at V, fighters at 3.

Electronic Systems - 2.6%
I don't use fitting implants so need max fitting skills.

Engineering - 6.6%

Gunnary - 15.5%
That is a lot of SP into things that go bang! I can use pretty much all turrets other than large T2 beams. Most smalls at specialisation V, most medium and large at specialisation IV.

Leadership - 0.9%
Drack can lead a full squad but isn't much cop as a fleet booster. There are alts for that!

Missiles - 11.5%
I can fire pretty much every missile in game from rockets to bombs to citadel torpedos.

Navigation - 5.8%
Need to really get some of the jump drive skills from IV to V but given I rarely use capitals any more, what's the point? All sub-cap skills at V

Neural Enhancement - 1.1%
Good implants and boosters are a must in solo PvP.

Planetary Interaction - 0.0%
Zero, nothing, nada, absolute zero. At this level I'm not even sure Drackarn knows what a planet is never-mind how to interact with it.

Production - 0.0%
Do I look like a carebear?

Resource Processing - 0.01%
Well I did get some free carebear skills when I made the character back in 2008.

Rigging - 0.4%
Got all 10 skills, just not at V. In fact I really need to spend some time levelling these up a bit!

Scanning - 1.5%
Got an alt for that crap!

Science - 0.5%
Skills for bubble launchers and generators. Science for the sake of destruction!

Shields - 3.2%
Does what it says on the tin. Don't use passive shield tanking mods so the damage type resistance skills are not very useful.

Social - 0.3%
Well when you have to rat up, might as well make it as fast as possible!

Spaceship Command - 35.3%
This is the biggy. I can fly every combat ship in the game, sub-capital. All basic sub-capital combat hulls are at V and most of the T2 hulls are V. I can fly Gallente and Caldari dreadnoughts, Amarrian and Caldari carriers. I can fly most of the T1 industrials other than the Amarrian ones.

Subsystems - 3.0%
Tengu, Loki and Proteus subs done.

Targeting - 1.4%
Stay on Target! Almost there....

Trade - 0.01%
Actually it is 0.0097 as I needed some extra contract and sale slots when I used to sell my loot.

So thats my spread of skill points currently. Still here? Well I'm going to have another go at giving that T2 rigged Cynabal away. Last time the winner posted anonymously (doh) and whilst I gave them time to claim and say it was them, they never did.

So lets try this again.

Drackarn is holding a party in Nisuwa station to celebrate his seven-figure milestone. He's hired the bar on deck 9 and you have been invited to attend (Scotty has you on a special list if you are Caldari or Amarr Militia and will let you dock.... just for tonight. Don't worry, those cockbag Thrashers outside station are for a 21 gun salute.... honest!).

So what are you going to bring to the party? Let your imagination run riot. Could be anything! How about a special guest as your +1 (remember you could even go for a head in a jar like in Futurama for present day people). A present for Drack? A decoration for the bar? Some food for the buffet? Why not bring a band or singer to perform? A bottle of booze is always a safe bet. A set list for the DJ? How about a strip-o-gram or a fat-fairy-o-gram or a gorilla-o-gram. Just think about all the options you could do with regards to presents, entertainment, food and drink and guests. You could even come in fancy dress! If you read this blog often, you probably know me as well as the wife.....

So just post a comment below with what or who you'd turn up with and I'll pick my favourite. Just remember:-

1. I HATE captcha and this blog gets a lot of spam. I moderate comments so yours might take a while to appear, hours even if you post it whilst I'm asleep!

Good luck!


  1. Congrats!

    Nothing is better for having a good time with mates than a bit of competitive fun while enjoying recreational beverages. I would bring with me
    1) 20 RC cars
    2) bottles of Jallu
    3) grid girls in appropriately skimpy outfits

    and build a racing track around the bar. Winner takes it all!

    Happy Centennial!

    - Roime

  2. Congratulations Drackarn!
    For the party, I would bring a specially crafted holo projector that would show a mock-up of your first PvP victory in as much detail as possible. After presenting the Holo projector and having a toast with an old Gallente Scotch, I would remotely switch the projector to show a series of fights with the Caldari Militia... (meaning the Holo would show Drackarn attempting to fight various kity/stabbed ships) I figure that after the initial video runs a time or two it will take a long time for everyone to figure out what is now on the display. Should make for some interesting comments later.

    - RHunter 13

  3. Gratz !

    I'm quite new to Eve and your blog, and I enjoy reading your recent entries.
    I would bring a present for Drack, in the form of a humoristical drawing for his captain quarters.
    The drawing would represent an Amarrian monk running so hastily that polaroids of his Caldari family would fly from his pockets.
    The reason for this peaceful man to hurry so much ? Because he would be chased by a cute Trasher (same size as monk on drawing). The Trasher would have an exaggerately large propulsion part, and an angry Matari girl painted on its nose ;-)

    Happy 100m sp, please continue to write !

    - Senri Sinulf (in game)

  4. Hot, loose Asian chicks, Viagra...
    You know what, I don't think I'm gunna make your party Bro...

    - Djalis

  5. Present? What about this photo of Catherine Zeta Jones in nothing but stockings and suspenders... making out with a 2nd Catherine Zeta Jones in nothing but stockings and suspenders... o'h and of course the key to the room you'll find them waiting in for you in Nisuwa station, soaked in your favorite vodka.

    (You know how much it cost to find a copy of that DNA?! The cloning was the easy part!)

  6. Its simple really, my +1 would be a WereMaid.

    The reason? Half wolf, half fish, all woman. Life and soul of any party!

    Congrats on the 9 figures!

  7. A celebrity squid frozen corpse collection... Bronzed for preservation. Damar Rocarion, Khan Farshatock, Soulless Brutor, greg01, and a few others, all posed as pinup girls 1940's style with matching calendar and souvenirs shot glasses in the shapes of broken pods.

  8. I would commission a full-scale Thrasher model made entirely from the salvaged scraps of Caldari frigates 'cockbagged' while zipping across the spacelanes in their warp-core stabilized frigates. All the leftover modules, howizters, autocannons, afterburners, microwarpdrives would be bolted and welded together like the concept iron throne (like this: I could collaborate with FunkyBacon to impale frozen squid corpses on the bits of protruding metal for dramatic effect.

    It would make a great hangar-piece or you could have the option of towing it to one of the Nisuwa gates as a silent warning to squids who might dare jump in..

    -psychotic sidekick

  9. I'd bring myself to the party to enjoy the festivities and socialize with you fine militia folk.

    After, as the party would wind down and come to a close. I would hand you a small package containing a "Unit of Lag" which you could drop near stabbed farmers; because though your points don't work, your alpha does.

  10. I'll come by myself, if you ask what I brought, I would tell you "I had a Caldari with me, but he got away. Must've been stabbed."


  11. I'd bring you an XL EMP Shell, with your name carved in the side of it. Who says size doesnt matter? lol


  12. I'll just bring a small ship with human livestock (janitors, dancers, slaves, commando's, marines etc.) in the cargo hold, an updated clone and a challenge to come and liberate these non-caldari from my wreck.

    Perhaps a magic 8ball and ship fitting guide (limited to raven fits) to give me advice during the fight.

  13. ---------------------------------------------- Competition Ended -----------------------------------------