Monday, September 9, 2013

1v1's in Eve Online and.... IN DUST514???

I enjoy a good 1v1 in Eve. A T1 frigate brawl is more fun than a big fleet fight where all you do is spam F1 after locking whoever the FC told you to.

Last week I had a great 1v1 in my Kestrel verses a Federation Navy Comet which was a fantastic fight.

Funkybacon posted his favourite Kestrel fit on his blog over the weekend. I have several Kestrels fit like that. The MSE fit is a great little fit and fun to fly. But you need to remember that rockets are a medium range weapon. Therefore their damage is not as high as a blaster boat. Which is why I like the armour Kestrel. Stick a 400mm rolled tungsten plate and use that spare mid for a second web. Then the Kestrel becomes awesome. With other missile and projectile ships you can probably assume they'll load EMP when they see a Kestrel. EMP tickles armour tanks. Hybrid charges however do thermal and kinetic damage, not easy to tank against as it is the two 'middle' resists usually. So the way to tank blaster boats is, don't get hit!

With twin web and an AB this should not be an issue for the start of the fight. Get in a 8k orbit, AB on and the chances are he's not going to hit you with his high DPS ammo. Therefore his only choice is to change by stopping the guns, letting them cycle down, right clicking and select long range ammo, wait for the guns to reload, activate. Now all that has probably lost them 7-8 seconds of DPS time and now they have loaded low DPS ammo. All that time you've been laying down the hurt.

Now comes the other bonus with the armour Kestrel. Nobody expects it, and when you start hitting low shield they think you are going to die. After all, it usually only takes a couple of hits to kill a Kestrel when its shields are down. Then they find they have a 400mm plate buffer tank to chew through. Game over!

Yes, 1v1's in Eve are fun, but as I found out yesterday, they are not in DUST514.

Anyone who reads this blog knows whilst I am an epic Eve-O fan boy, I don't like DUST514. However, this month I am forcing myself to try and get into it. Yesterday I logged on for two matches. First was bugged, couldn't get off the deployment screen. My cursor looked like I had about 4 people in it, but not even auto-deploy would get my boots on the ground. I mashed ALL THE THINGS whilst the woman's voice bitched that I am contractually obliged to fight and I was seeing kill notifications scroll. I want to fight, stick me down on the effin' ground you bitch!!! In the end I had to exit and restart the game.

Second attempt I did get into the 'waiting room'. But it was me against three people. Thankfully two of them saw this and thought 'sod that' and dropped, leaving me alone against the other guy. I thought I'd try it, surely more players would drop in as the game progressed.

We got into the map and it was one with a single objective, I don't know the maps, it was the one on the side of a cliff. It has a straight road running down the edge with the objective in the middle and large high-sided sloping building sides to the other.

I captured the clone unit close to the objective thinking it'll save me a run when I die. As I headed down towards the centre he was already hacking the objective. I arrived to find him zipping around in a light vehicle. He tried to run me down but the new mechanics mean its much more sensible in dealing damage now. He tried to use the turret but I just hopped behind cover. He then zoomed off and as I heard the engine fade into the distance I hacked the objective. Finally he came back and got out and I filled him full o' lead. 1-0.

Soon enough he was trotting back up the road in a fresh clone. I opened up at farily long range. 2-0.

At this point I was getting low on ammo (I had pumped a fair wack in the jeep he was riding) so headed to a nearby resupply depot and hacked that to replenish my ammo. I went back to the objective to be faced with a wall of machine-gun fire. I dashed for cover and had a peak out. He'd swapped to a heavy suit and was slowly stomping up the road with a BFG. I did a strafing run and found he was having trouble hitting me. 3-0.

I refilled my ammo and went back. And waited. Bang suddenly my shields vanish and I'm in three quarters armour. SNIPER!

I ran for cover and await for my shields to recharge. I stuck my head out scanning the high-level structures. I spotted him high up on top of the wall. We exchange fire. My assault rifle really shouldn't be a match for his sniper rifle at that range. But apparently it was. 4-0.

I wait, and again my shields suddenly vanish. He's obviously sticking with the sniper set-up. His MCC is low armour, mines 50% shields. I cannot see him, I assume he'd now be at very long range. I run across the road and inside the structure and head up the long staircase I'd seen near the resupply facility. I make my way over to the far side of the building where I assume he set up. Surely he is expecting me to come this way? I find him at the very far side looking down his scope towards where I was over two minutes ago by the objective. Pity there is no option to sneak up behind him and shout "BOO!" to see if he stumbles off the side. I go for the more traditional approach of death by assault rifle. 5-0.

I stood at that edge of the structure looking down towards his MCC seeing if he was coming back. He'd not captured any clone reanimation stations so had to come from the MCC area. But alas, he didn't show and I slowly watched the MCC drop to zero armour. Winner!

Now as I write this it sounds to me much more interesting than it was. It was a long game, with only short periods of activity. I hope my games tonight are more interesting!

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