Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Condors were EVERYWHERE on Monday night! They are zipping around the war zone plexing for merger LP's and were horrible flashy orange false promises of PvP. Some were stabbed, some had cloaks, some were nano'd, some don't stick around long enough for you to find out. They all have one thing in common, they ran.

Other highlights, other than the Condors included:-

Double stabbed and cloaky Algos
Double stabbed Rifter
Cloaky Atron

In the end I got so frustrated the other night I finished my solo roam, docked up and opened Photoshop.

May be its my TZ, but currently farmers and a lack of people wanting to fight are seriously hurting my Eve mojo! What is it with Eve Time +4 that makes it so popular with farmers who never want to PvP?

In the end I logged onto DUST514. Surely I'd get some combat action there! Had three attempts to get into a match, all got stuck on the loading screen that show you what all the symbols mean on the map. The little circle in the bottom right of the screen kept spinning, but the hamster was dead. After five minutes I got the hint it wasn't working so restarted the game. Same result three times in a row.

I turned off PS3 and had a stiff vodka to quell the rage and went to bed.

Tuesday night was slightly better in some respects. Firstly I found some neutrals who would fight, that is after chasing a variety of cloaked and stabbed plexing ships.

I have a alt who I use to deplex the home systems. He's low SP but for defensive plexing our two station systems, he does the job. Some squid in a Kestrel through he'd have a go. My alts tough tank held out long enough for Drack to arrive from one system over and kill him. A combat fit squid! Who'd have 'thunk' it!

Next was a neutral Corax who was looking for a rumble. He came into my plex and I didn't wait to ask "Would thou' care to partake in honourable combat?", I just opened up on him. Lets face it, if you enter a faction war plex, you have to expect this kind of thing.

I then had a while more chasing stabbed ships and when the last one warped to a safe and cloaked I returned to Nisuwa and logged off.

I did get into a DUST match last night after Monday nights "PS3 says noooooooooo.". And it was a very good game! I really enjoyed that match and I think that is the first time in 9 months of playing DUST 514 that I left a game with a smile on my face. It is getting there and Uprising 1.4 was a big step in the right direction.

As I type this I'm installing Defiance. Currently don't see the the point in logging into Eve at this time of day to play 'whack a mole' with stabbed and cloaked farmers. Will try in a few hours and hope there are some squids on who are looking for PvP.....

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  1. Eve +4... that's Russia. Who are the biggest farmers in the game? Russians! At least in Anoikis that's true. I've heard it said of null-sec too.