Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Died and I Don't Care!

My shields are down, the incoming DPS is too much. I cannot run. I'm going to die!

Shit! Bugger! Arse! Feck! Damn it!

Oh wait. This death means nothing!

Bang! That realisation hit me like a brick in the face. "This death means nothing". I rarely think that but it took me a few seconds to realise the death of Drackarn would not lose me tens of millions. It would not look bad on a killboard. It wouldn't be bad for my statistics on that killboard. It would not require 'podding' home. All it would cost me was 170 scrip and a 20 second run to get back into the action. For I was not in New Eden. I was not a Capsuleer. I was an Ark Hunter on earth after the Pale Wars.

This month I am having serious Eve mojo issues. The Caldari militia has dropped to warzone control tier 1. They've vanished. Targets are thin on the ground and those about are about are stabbed, cloaked or kitey farmers. Sometimes all three at once. Cloaking Harpies! Seriously.

I'm on course from about 50 kills this month. Last time I got that few kills in a month I spent two weeks afk with one of them being legless in Iceland! This has also coincided with a new TV series I'm watching, Defiance, on the OSN network over here. Yes I know this is probably old to you lot, but we're catching up. I am enjoying the series but we missed the first two episodes. Therefore I went online to find out how did the earth get so f'ed up. At that point I saw there was a companion MMO available as well.

Anyway, one day after a particularly annoying night chasing stabbed farmers around I went hunting to see if I could find a copy here in the desert. I found PS3 copies but I wanted PC. Finally on the 4th place I tried I found one!

Dear CCP, your launcher is fantastic! I never thought I'd say that, but the Defiance launcher makes you realise that whilst the Eve-O launcher has had its issues, its a polished product at the side of others!

Defiance is a pretty much standard "theme park" MMO territory. There are sandboxish elements, and you can bugger around and do your own thing, but the main story is still on rails. Think Skyrim with its side missions and stories.

It is an OK game. Nothing mind-blowing, but a nice distraction given my currently levels of Eve mojo. If you are a fan of the TV show it probably helps a lot.

It was surprising to me how big an influence the 'meaningful death' in Eve has affected me as a gamer. When I say that the realisation hit me in the face like a brick, I really mean it. I was shocked! I have played so much Eve that I had actually forgot that death in most computer games is fairly meaningless.

Anyway, my game time is not all hellbugs and arkfalls, I'm still plugging away at Eve even if the lack of squids is a PITA.

I came back to keyboard after dinner to see a message asking if I was active, that had been sat there 12 minutes. I replied and an alliance mate was running a 5/10 DED site next-door. He had someone scanning him down and was asking if I'd be up for ganking a T3. Do Caldari militia fit stabs to their ships? Of course!

I fitted a neuting and webbing BC assuming we'd face a 100mn Tengu. We were wrong, it was a cruiser fleet. My alliance buddy reshipped to a PvP Commandship and I swapped to a plain old BC. The Brutix from the gang was sat at a medium plex when we came back. Obvious bait is obvious? Anyway, the alliance mate in his tanky commandship engaged the Brutix and soon had the others on scan. I warped to the plex which was 0.8AU from the gate meaning I landed before the others. I didn't engage the Brutix, I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Finally the others arrived and the ship I was patiently waiting for turned up. A Blackbird. I engaged the Blackbird leaving the Brutix and a Caracal. Even though he wasn't pointed, the Blackbird died in short order with 10 drones on him and my full rack of heavy missiles. He had a half decent buffer with twin 800mm plates. Next I turned my attention to the Brutix who was tanking nicely. I locked up the Caracal for good measure and he ran off. A Maller arrived and got point on him as the Brutix died in a fire. The Maller had a nice tank, as they usually do, but against a Commandship and a Battlecruiser it wasn't going to go well. They had two Caracals and an Arbitrator as well, no idea why they didn't come in.

All in all a good fight. And as you can probably guess, they were not Caldari militia!


  1. Looks like a nice fight! Though he was in a 'plain old BC' as well ;)
    Cyclone = T1 BC
    Claymore = Command Ship


  2. Looks like a nice fight! Though your mate was in a 'plain old BC' as well ;) the Cyclone is the T1 equivalent of the Claymore CS :)


    Ps. I've also noted the hardening you get from playing eve regarding dying in other games. Guess that's why there is no place like home