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Assassin - The Hunted

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here to Fedo Fancy. I'm trying to showcase some other Eve blogs out there as my alternative to Friday Fiction for those not into Eve-O fiction.

This is the final part of the Assassin triple-parter (Part 1 here and part 2 here).

Next Friday will be the launch of my Eve Novella. Twenty four thousand words of action, adventure and Eve geekary!

Assassin - The Hunted

Inquisitor Vorgash stood in front of the three members of the Judiciary Committee. They were all reading datapads. A chair was next to Inquisitor Vorgash but he had chosen to stand. He looked out the window towards Amarr Prime, the homeworld of the Amarrian race.

The head of the committee put his datapad down and looked up at the Inquisitor.

"Tragic. Absolute tragic all of them. Five good, faithful Amarrians, snuffed out in the most heinous way. However I do not see any connection between these horrible murders and I do not see why you have requested this audience."

"Your Honour. I come here today to show you these executions and to ask for your help in binging the perpetrator of these attacks on our glorious empire to holy justice."

One of the other members of the committee, a older woman with a hard face removed the glasses from her face. She was a hard-liner from the Amarrian Supreme Court. It was said she had handed out more death sentences than any judge in the star cluster. Whether that was true or not was open to debate, but all the Inquisitors knew she didn't suffer fools gladly.

"I''m sorry Inquisitor, you mean perpetrators I think"

"No your honour." he replied "There is only one killer."

The three members of the committee looked stunned.

"Are you saying one slave is going around killing high-profile Amarrians. That is preposterous!"

The Inquisitor knew this was going to be the hard part and he was on thin ice. He was about to say some unpleasant things about powerful and high-ranking Amarrian murder victims.

"Your Honours. Please look at the facts. All five victims were know for being particularly brutal towards the Matari slaves. In fact if you asked the Matari Government, "notorious" is probably a better word. They also we're known to have, ahem, shall we say special relations with the slaves. We have five people with no obvious connection other than they took enjoyment from the Matari and were rumoured to have committed serious harm to them too. The perpetrator's description is always the same. A young Matari girl around 19 years old, olive skin, black hair. It is the same girl. I believe a militant wing of the Republic Navy is placing this highly-trained agent in situations where the victims will take advantage of her. When they do, they are killed. These are not murders. They are executions, assassinations and acts of revenge."

The three committee members stayed silent as they considered his words.

"So what do you want from us Inquisitor?"

The Inquisitor handed over another datapad.

"You cannot be serious!" stated the head judge.


The secure conference room on the station was sealed and the three men around the table sat in silence as General Frooll read the report the intelligence officer had just handed over. Admiral Arde from the Republic Navy was the third man.

"You cannot be serious!" Frooll stated in horror.

"I am sir. Holder Abiar was released at oh seven hundred local time yesterday. He's been granted a small palace on a backwater planet."

"Who is Abiar and why is his release from prison a shock?" asked the Admiral.

The intelligence officer sat back in his chair. A solemn look on his face.

"Well Admiral, it is a sad tale. About ten years ago Abiar was a very powerful man. He had his own planet nearly. He was on our radar as a Holder that didn't treat his slaves very well. However, he was no where near the top of the list, we had many others we wanted to target before him. One morning he found his 14 year-old daughter being sick and marched her down to the palace infirmary. The doctor checked her out and announced she was pregnant."

The Admiral blew a low whistle and chuckled. "I bet that put him in a great mood for the day!"

"The Holder went into a rage. He saw it that his only daughter had been defiled. He smashed up the room and then ordered the doctor to abort the pregnancy there and then. Of course the doctor complied. The daughter was less compliant and refused to give up the father saying they were in love. The Holder then ordered the doctor to run the DNA through their database and identify the member of staff responsible. The doctor replied there was no point, the fathers DNA would not be on their employment records as it was not Amarrian, it was Matari."

The Admiral listened with a look of horror on his face. "You are kidding!"

"I'm afraid not. The daughter wouldn't give up the father and the Holder got mad. The Palace was far from the plantations so there were only really about 500 Minmatar close enough. The Holder had DNA taken from each of them. No match. He assumed they were hiding the father so he had every single Matari rounded up. The men and and boys of age where put in a makeshift holding pen in the middle of a field. They used electro-fencing to coral them in. They then erected 150 stakes surrounding the pen. They brought out the women and girls and tied them to the stakes and built fires under them. They gave the men 5 minutes to identify where the father was before they would start lighting a fire every minute. The men pleaded and insisted the boy had already been smuggled off-world. The Holder didn't believe him. For two and a half hours the fires were lit one at a time. One fire every minute as the holder had promised. They used small fires too, ones that would take time. By the morning there were 45 dead men in the pen, they were electrocuted trying to break out to rescue their families. Most of the women and girls were dead, a few hung on to life, horrifically burnt. The guards went around at dawn shooting those still alive, but by that time it was actually a mercy. 200 men and boys were all that were left from over 500 Matari. The Holder accepted that they were telling the truth as surely they would have given up one boy up to stop the burning. Enraged the Holder entered the Palace security office to confront the head of security. During the previous two hours the Head of Security had come to realise that he would be blamed for allowing the boy to escape off-world and had fled. Whilst the Holder was in the security office they detected an unscheduled shuttle launch. The Holder took control of a defence console and fire a single Hellscream anti-ship missile from the palaces defences. Unfortunately there was other traffic in the air and in his rage he targeted the wrong shuttle. The shuttle he hit was carrying an Amarrian family with serious connections. He was sentenced to twenty years for involuntary-manslaughter of the Amarrian family. As expected under Amarrian law, nothing was ever said about the 150 Matari women and girls he slowly roasted to death in front of their husbands, fathers and lovers. We've been waiting for him to get out so we can, shall we say, serve justice?"

The Admiral just sat in silence.

"But what we don't know is why he would be released after half his sentence. There is no reason they would do that." the Intelligence officer said.

The General stood.

"To be honest I don't have a rats-ass why they let him out. The only thing that matters is they have and I know just the woman to introduce him to!"


Inga crawled along the roof of the palace. She had silently landed on the far side of the compound using a glider after she was dropped from 60,000 feet. Getting onto the roof was easy, getting across it was slightly more difficult. Her modified goggles showed the the sweep of the laser detectors. They were easy to avoid. Finally she reached the side of the building and anchored a nano-rope to the edge. Slowly she slid down to the window and prized it open before slipping in. The plans the Republic hackers had got were correct, this was a small storage room for cleaning materials. Inga peeled off her black catsuit and retrieved the maids outfit from her small bag. She could only image what she looked like, they had better have got that bit of intel right! If the guys back at HQ could see her now, she'd have Gallente Maid jokes for a fortnight. Why the hell were all these powerful Amarrians such perverts she wondered.

Inga waited twenty minutes by the door. Exactly at the expected time she heard the lift down the hall beep. She opened the door a crack and saw the maid in an identical outfit exit the lift. She held a silver food plater covered by a domed dish. Inga exited the room and approached the girl smiling.

"Who are..." the girl never finished her question. Inga grabbed the side of the platter and sprayed an aerosol into the girls face. The fast acting nerve agent knocked her out instantly. Inga placed the platter on the floor and dragged the unconscious girls body into the store room. She'd be out cold for 12 hours. Inga returned and picked up the platter before heading to the room at the end of the corridor. She knocked once and waited. The camera above the door whirred slightly as it moved. A click signified the locks had been disengaged.

The bedroom was typically opulent. A huge four poster bed was draped with expensive rugs. The Holder sat on the edge of the bed, he looked worried. She saw her reflection in a large mirror, she did indeed look ridiculous. However, the uniform had gotten her through the security.

"Please place the food on the table." He said with a slight tremble in his voice.

Inga eye'd the man carefully. He was acting suspiciously. She placed the food on the table and suddenly felt a bit dizzy. She turned to the Holder who looked scared out of his wits. She took a step forward and stumbled. Her vision was blurred now and the room appeared to be spinning. She could barely make out the body of Holder Abiar but it appeared he'd collapsed. She tried to steady herself but crashed into a side table knocking it over and sending a vase crashing to the floor where if shattered into a thousand pieces. Inga tried to rise but collapse d to the floor and lost consciousness.


Inquisitor Vorgash inspected the rod and once happy it was in working order he pushed its end into the body hanging in front of him. A piercing scream erupted from the woman as electricity flowed into her body.

"Ah you are awake. Good!" the Inquisitor smirked.

Inga panted and shook her head as the shock brought her around. She took in her surroundings. She was hanging by her wrists. She was underground, probably the cellar of palace.

"Restorint gas in case you are wondering. We fully expected the Republic to send its little lady assassin after Holder Abiar. That's why we released him early. He was the bait. Then all we needed to do was wait until you made your move and spring the trap."

Inga said nothing as the Inquisitor moved over to a table stacked with implements.

"I have so many questions to ask you. And so many ways to extract the information. I am going to enjoy our time together. I don't expect you to answer the questions. I'm sure most of the answers you don't really know, but I'm sure I'll enjoy asking."

He picked up a thick black glove from the table and placed it on his hand. He approached her and ran his hand along the side of her calf. She bucked wildly and screamed in agony. Thin trickles of blood seeped from her wrists from under the metal manacles suspended her from the ceiling as she thrashed around.

"The Glove of Truth my dear. Its receptors project an energy field that target and stimulate nerve endings direct. It can be set to a variety of settings. That was heat. Your nerves behaving exactly the same as if they had been subjected to a naked flame, but with no damage. I can target the same area over and over again and the pain doesn't diminish. But why target the bottom of your leg when there are more sensitive areas available." he grinned menacingly walking in front of her.

"Can I ask you one question?" she gasped between deep breaths. The Inquisitor stopped and looked at her, slightly amused.

"For you my dear, I will allow you one. In a few hours your voice will be too hoarse from all the screaming to ask."

"Well, my question is this Nasir. How do you know that your trap wasn't actually our bait?"

The Inquisitor stood opened mouthed at the use of his first name. Nobody knew that. Before he could react the woman thrashed in her restraints and dropped to the floor, the metal manacles breaking apart as if they were made of ancient paper. He lunged at her face in panic with his gloved hand but she easily side-stepped him. He crashed into a wall as she kicked him in the base of the spine. Dazed he was barely aware of the glove being shook from his hand. She backhanded him and he fell to the floor. She reached into her hair and pulled something out. She jabbed him in the neck with it. He couldn't move. All he could do was look up at the naked beauty above him. She sat on his chest and smiled down.

"Same venom I used on that bitch I sliced up with the broken glass. Now just to fill you in. Those others I killed? They were OUR bait. We needed to get you out in the open and we knew sooner or later you'd pick up on the assassinations. We also knew you'd offer us some juicy bait to trap me once you had worked the pattern out. Holder Abiar was so obvious we knew you'd finally worked it out and it was you behind his release. In fact we know everything about you Inquisitor."

She showed him her bloodied wrists.

"We knew you'd have me hung by the wrists and wouldn't appear until your underlings confirmed I was defenceless. Micro-capsules implanted under my skin containing metal eating nanites. When you shocked me I simply broke them open against the restraints. However, we also know you are 'The Inquisitor', you don't even use your name when you visit worlds do you? The Holders I killed are nothing compared to you, how many Matari have you tortured and killed Inquisitor? How many have died horrific deaths at your hands in the name of ousting heretics and sedition in the slave populations?"

Inquisitor Vorgash knew then he was finished. She was right, he was no better than the Holders she had already killed. For nearly two decades he had travelled the Empire, visiting worlds under the pretence of rumours of plots within the slave populations. The Holders were always happy to receive him so he could purge their slaves of heretics and enemies of the Amarrian Empire. Of the legions in the Amarrian Inquesition he was the only one known as 'The Inquisitor'. His reputation was terrifying.

She took the glove from the ground and placed it on her right hand. She glanced at the flexible screen that displayed the settings on the back of the glove and selected a new program.

"Now Inquisitor, what were you saying about more sensitive areas of the body being available?" she asked as she unbuckled his belt.


"So its all over?" asked the Admiral.

"Yes. Inquisitor Vorgash was found in the cellar this morning. Or should I say what was left of him." replied the General. "Holder Abiar was found in his bedroom. Apparently he had several Gloves of Truths affixed to his body with duct-tape. They had been set on their fire setting. The Burner of Noranim died a quite horrific, slow, but poetic death."

"And our girl?"

"She didn't arrive at the extraction point. We were worried for a few hours until we got a message. She's taking some leave, gone to see her parents. I think she follows the old adage it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission!"

"Well, are you going to reprimand her?"

The man shook his head with an expression that showed fear.

"Are you joking, as far as I am concerned she can do what she wants. I never want to get on the wrong side of that woman!"

The Admiral smiled.

"Well send her a message. There is a new assignment, we've got a few rumours we need her to look into!"

The End.


  1. Entertaining as usual, but I felt this part was a bit lacking. In the other parts, you always felt the target was a scumbag that in a way deserved it. The inquisitor however just seemed like a high ranking government official. Nothing on why risk war to eliminate him considering that this all but confirms his suspicions of the republic assassinating amarr

  2. Good, but I think a bit more backstory on the inquisitor, to make sure it comes across that he is a bad guy

  3. Yeah, I dropped the ball there. In my mind I had this ebil inquisitor dude that the Republic want to kill as he was nasty and ebil, but didn't flesh out that character which sort of was the point of the story. Teach me for doing two at the same time :)